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We develop apps that optimally and sustainably support the marketing strategies of our clients

Meet the challenges posed by apps with diva-e

Smartphones and apps have sparked change in both society and business. They are now an established marketing channel in their own right.

Mobile apps must be streamlined and engaging; they must be user-friendly and yet encapsulate entire business processes. And, they should be usable online and offline. Effective mobile apps today must fulfill many requirements, and we help our clients to meet those requirements every day. We develop native apps for our clients in the B2C or B2B areas, focusing on the two most common and important mobile platforms: Android and iOS.

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Choose the right strategy and technology for your app

Even before we begin implementing an app project, we advise our clients and develop a mobile strategy with them. Decisive factors are the concrete objectives, target audience and needs.

Once you have a mobile strategy, we support you in choosing the right technology. Here, native, hybrid and web apps should be considered. Native apps are optimised for a particular operating system and can access hardware on the device, such as the camera and microphone. Web apps work on all operating systems, as they are developed with typical web technologies such as HTML5. Hybrid apps are also based on typical web technologies, but can be ported across platforms and packaged as native apps in order to access hardware functions.

Drawing on our know-how and experience in developing various apps for different platforms, when helping you choose the right technology, we incorporate factors such as development costs, accessibility, performance, safety, and more. This allows us to provide our clients with the best possible apps for smartphones or tablets within the project framework.

Mobile app user experience

In addition to personal use, mobile applications are now being used in the corporate world for many business processes and workflows. We develop user-centric, targeted concepts and solutions for mobile platforms for our customers. We always use state-of-the-art technologies that provide the best possible experience for users.


The mobile app user experience is not just concerned with the visual design of the interface. Instead, the mobile app user experience aims to develop a comprehensive user and operating concept for the mobile application. This is very important in the mobile context, as mobile apps differ from classic desktop applications or web pages in many ways. Mobile apps are often developed for several different devices with significantly disparate features (eg. screen size). The situation in which a mobile app is used may also vary widely to that of a desktop application. For example, a user could be standing in a moving, crowded bus while buying a bus ticket. Therefore, the usability of an app always plays a big role.

Apps are now used in all sorts of areas to replicate complex business processes and operations. When developing a mobile app for our customers, it may make sense to either adhere strictly to or explicitly deviate from platform-specific design and operating concepts, depending on the project context or target group.

In order to develop the best possible solution for our customers, it is essential for our team to focus on user behaviour and the operating concept when developing a mobile app. We tackle questions such as: Who is the mobile app for? Which problem should be solved by using the mobile app? How can the mobile app serve the user in the best possible way? What does the current business process look like and how can it be replicated with a mobile app? For which device classes should the app be designed? etc.

The result of our work is a mobile app concept which not only complies with mobile standards but also covers the individual needs of our customers' users and guides the user through the app. With this approach, we have already implemented various apps for different customers and use cases. Cutting-edge applications in the IoT and smart home area are also part of our wealth of experience.


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  • We harmonise mobile conventions and company-specific look and feel

  • Observance of platform-specific operating concepts or deliberate deviation from them

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