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Rollout and Internationalisation

Expansion abroad easier than ever

Internet and high-performance IT solutions, international trade agreements and globalised structures offer companies the best conditions for expansion abroad. No wonder, then, that more and more companies are putting the issue of “internationalisation" on their agenda.

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Björn Stieler
Managing Director Custom Platforms

Our service: Strategy for a global orientation

In order to successfully implement the internationalisation of a website, e-commerce companies must understand this step as a complex task that we can solve together with good strategic planning. The starting point is the definition of goals and success factors that our clients want to pursue with the localisation. For sustainable success in a rollout project it is fundamentally important to understand the target region´s market and target group. A corresponding international country and market analysis therefore highlights barriers to entry and provides information on trends, legal framework conditions, bureaucratic hurdles, financing and technological infrastructure. Furthermore, payment processing, export, customs and tax regulations, logistics and required skills play an important role and pose equally great challenges in implementation.

Our tools: Sensitivity and tailor-made e-commerce platform for your target country

Once the requirements for e-commerce implementation are clear, the aim is to create the best possible buying experience for the customer. In order to achieve this, we need to reconcile shop design, portfolio, product range, offers and customer service accordingly. This requires a deep understanding of the culture and mentality, values and norms as well as expectations and fears in each country.

Your result: success in global business

Paving the way for a global e-commerce business requires embracing a holistic view and the efficient interaction of all factors involved.

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