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Welcome to the digital office! Salesforce is the world's leading sales and service data system for sales, marketing, service, portals and analytics. As a certified Salesforce partner, we have been helping companies successfully digitize all areas of their business for more than 20 years.

Are you taking your first digital steps and need comprehensive advice first? Are you already using Salesforce and want to optimize existing systems? Do you want to specifically expand your Salesforce infrastructure with another solution from the product portfolio? In any case, we are the right partner for you! Our friendly Salesforce specialists will advise you personally and individually.

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Emanuel Germanus
Falk Wiegand
Manager Salesforce Solutions
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Why Salesforce with diva-e?

We are familiar with all Salesforce applications. In addition to Salesforce Clouds for Sales, Marketing, Service, Portals and Analytics, we also offer the implementation of MuleSoft - the "packing tool" for digital journeys between Salesforce and other software solutions. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of multiple systems and pair them with each other.

Full-service expertise far beyond Salesforce

With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and Salesforce Enterprise projects, we offer our (existing) customers a comprehensive solution package of all major Salesforce Clouds.

Together with our colleagues from diva-e's specialist areas, such as Strategy Consulting or Paid Advertising, you benefit not only from our in-depth Salesforce expertise, but also from our entire portfolio of services.

As a Transactional Experience Partner (TXP), we are able to smartly dock our full-service capabilities onto your existing Salesforce solutions, extend them to include suitable solutions or put together an individual package based on your problems.

Your advantages at a glance

✓ 10+ years of experience in digital marketing

✓ Services for all major Salesforce Clouds

✓ Full-service expertise from all diva-e departments for more leads, more sales deals and better customer understanding

Optimized demand management, national & international

With more than 18 years of experience in Salesforce projects in various industries and several successful international roll-outs, we have built up a broad spectrum of expertise. On the one hand, this enables us to optimally identify your needs with regard to further developments or additional features of existing solutions. On the other hand, we are able to realize all functional requirements for the most diverse departments of your company through Salesforce solutions.

Your advantages at a glance

✓ 18+ years of experience in Salesforce projects in a wide range of industries

✓ 20+ certified experts for the best possible results

✓ Multiple projects with international roll-out

✓ Optimal management of your individual requirements thanks to extensive range of expertise

Support with enhanced value for your digitization efforts from a single source

For the long-term success of your company, it is important to digitize business processes and keep them up to date. With Salesforce solutions and our years of expertise, we support you in driving the digitization of your value chain in the best possible way.

Our multicloud expertise gives us an all-round view of your processes, enabling our certified Salesforce experts to propose, develop and implement efficiency- and sales-enhancing features: With Salesforce B2B we are able to support your sales; with the use of MuleSoft we can connect modern business solutions with your ERP backend.

In addition, we are in constant exchange with software manufacturers and can thus offer you a full-service package with technical expertise across all technologies, which also makes it possible to, for example, connect and use to/from Adobe or SAP applications in combination with Salesforce.

Interact with your existing customers in the customer portal, set up a professional sales and service team or use your marketing to create a positive feedback effect on the market - together with Salesforce and diva-e.

Your advantages at a glance

✓ Driving force of your digitization with valuable experience and full-service expertise.

✓ Sales support with Salesforce B2B

✓ Connection of business solutions and an ERP backend with MuleSoft

✓ Multicloud expertise for more efficiency and more revenue

✓ Providing individual information and self-services in login-protected areas for customers and partners

Flexible connectivity for your individual needs

Individuality and personalization are the key to long-term customer loyalty in the digital world. Individual applications save time, increase satisfaction and, in the long term, sales and reputation. Why not do the same with your Salesforce solution(s)? With our extensive integration experience from over 20 years of e-commerce practice and experienced technology experts from the specialist areas of our TXP portfolio, we, for example, connect Adobe content and web tools with your Salesforce solutions. In this way, we enable you to market your products to customers individually - for a personalized experience with maximum satisfaction.

If you wish, we can also integrate SAP; here you benefit from our many years of expertise in integrating Salesforce with SAP via MuleSoft or SAP CPI.

All solutions can be integrated with existing data platforms and reporting dashboards if required. However, we can also create your own data solutions to provide you and your customers with a customized, flexible experience from start to finish.

Your advantages at a glance

✓ 20+ years of corporate e-commerce experience

✓ Individual marketing of your products

✓ Many years of expertise in integrating Salesforce with SAP via MuleSoft or SAP CPI

✓ 24/7 application support

✓ Highest flexibility in the connection of different data solutions

Different types of problems, one leading solution provider

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A customer already has a Sales and Service Cloud and now wants to perform various marketing activities based on the customer data from the CRM.

Scenario 1
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With Salesforce Pardot B2B and Marketing Cloud, we offer powerful tools for automating and targeting your marketing activities. These can be seamlessly connected to your existing Salesforce environment.

Solution 1
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A customer does not yet have a CRM system and wants to introduce one, or he has an existing CRM system and wants to switch to Salesforce.

Scenario 2
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For the switch or entry (in)to the world of Salesforce CRM, we offer the implementation of the Sales Cloud (CRM + sales management) and the Service Cloud (customer service portals) as the basic core clouds and thus create the basis for your success with Salesforce.

Solution 2
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A customer is already successfully using the Salesforce Core Clouds. On the one hand, she wants more exchange with her customers and partners, on the other hand she wants to create more transparency and reduce manual work.

Scenario 3
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The Salesforce Experience Cloud is the add-on of choice here. It enables you to offer your partners individual information and self-services in login-protected areas. In addition to its function as a partner portal, the Experience Cloud can be used for other purposes such as customer service, customer portal or individual solutions and applications with just a few clicks.

Solution 3
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A customer already uses several Salesforce applications (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Experience Cloud) and now wants to build on this CRM and CMS setup and integrate an ERP.

Scenario 4
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The Salesforce Commerce Cloud Lightning Edition is the best solution for Salesforce customers, as it is linked to and builds on Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It enables customers to build a customer-friendly B2B or B2C store in no time at all and to configure and individualize the user experience. An ERP system can be connected here via an interface afterwards.

Solution 4

Salesforce is the driving force for your business

It's no secret: companies need to strategically digitize all business areas in order to be successful in the long term. But how are digitization and Salesforce related?

Digitization means converting analog data into digital data. This is only possible through digital networking. The hub for this is your account at Through Salesforce, not only is the data entered, but individual details are preserved as well as assigned a digital value. Factors such as products, quantity, prices thus have their own (and thus higher) value and can be automated in processes.

In order to handle company data more efficiently, all individual data strands are stored and linked in Salesforce. Once the data has been entered, authorized employees have immediate access and can work productively with this data. Salesforce also automatically evaluates desired areas and shows which set goals have been achieved and which factors were decisive in this. This makes it possible to create evaluations, future forecasts and error analyses in a more holistic manner and thus also provides valuable information about your business processes.

The investment in such a digital infrastructure is worthwhile in any case. Not only do you save paper and time, you also pave the way for a more efficient future for your company.

Our Salesforce benefits & services at a glance

What our experts say about Salesforce

CRM projects with Salesforce combine all the aspects that are particularly important to me: Creativity, structured work and direct contact with the customer.
Emanuel Germanus
Head of Salesforce
I always find it exciting to get to grips with company processes in different industries and then contribute to their success with my knowledge of Salesforce and digitization.
Falk Wiegand
Manager Salesforce Solutions

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Emanuel Germanus
Head of Salesforce
Your contact person
Falk Wiegand
Manager Salesforce Solutions

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