Usability Review and Analysis

Understanding users: through usability review and analysis

In reality, a lot of money and effort is invested in the functional implementation of digital business models. The results include websites, mobile applications and e-commerce solutions that primarily meet the business needs of the provider. Only someone else uses and decides on these solutions: the user himself. Our diva-e experts have many years of experience in iterative, user-centered development and regularly conduct user tests.

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Our service: Expert analysis of your product or service

Understanding the user means recognising his needs and revealing his motive for action. Using methods of cognitive psychology, we first obtain a comprehensive picture of the usage habits of potential users during the research phase. The information gained is characterised by using personas and transferred into prototypical usage scenarios.

Based on the Insight Phase, three to five usability experts start with the explorative examination of your website, applications, online shop or services. As a rule, these are always native speakers in order to best examine the country-specific aspects of usability. We cover the most important languages worldwide and offer you an analysis that takes cultural and legal aspects of your target countries and target groups into account.

Our tools: Intensive investigations through cognitive walkthrough

Using selected heuristics, each expert documents the usability problems found and weights them according to their severity for later merging. Scientific studies have shown that three to five experts already uncover approx. 90% of all usability problems and thus enable a comprehensive investigation. This has the advantage of a particularly fast and insightful examination compared to other test methods, such as user or crowd testing. As an extension, we then conduct a so-called cognitive walkthrough. Here, the respective experts put themselves in the position of the user and put on their mask. On the basis of a predefined usage scenario, each step necessary to achieve an action is subdivided and evaluated. Ideally, this usage scenario is the "Happy Path", i.e. the most common way to select and order products in the shop, a special use case of your app or the information search on your website.

The subsequent evaluation takes place with all experts involved, who together compare the heuristic classifications and weighting and thus prepare the analysis report. In the final phase of the evaluation, the findings are processed in a visual and reproducible manner and completed by recommendations for action from our specialist departments.

Your result: Optimisation of your digital touchpoints

Two things are important to us in the expert analysis: First, we show you fast and applicable improvements in the form of quick wins that achieve rapid improvements with minimal adjustments. Second, we recommend strategic steps that lead to operational development and optimisation of your product or service.

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