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User Experience (UX)

Concept development is the heart of every project

Whether it is about interactive interfaces, mobile communication or web development: Based on a thorough analysis, diva-e develops concepts in interdisciplinary teams, in which optimal usability, a clean information architecture and a user-centered design take first priority.

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Stefan Trebbin
Head of Experience

Our service: tailor-made UX for your target group

In order to meet user requirements, we first analyse a person's behaviour, emotions, experiences and views about a specific product, system or service to gain empathy for the user. Right from the start, important wishes regarding the sitemap, a responsive design or special functionalities of a website are considered. This way, your task will finally become a successful product for your users.

With a detailed understanding of how users interact with a platform, our task in User Experience (UX) Design begins. The research part enables us to generate insights for our product early on. This includes product analyses, competitor analyses and qualitative or quantitative user surveys. This enables us to generate understanding for the company and to investigate the needs of the users and to record these in so-called personas (representations of typical users and target groups). In this way we gain empathy for your users and can advise you on the specific requirements of your platform. User requirements and needs are brought to life in creative and innovative solutions. With the aim of offering your users real added value, we combine content, targeted visual implementation and interaction to create a coherent concept. By understanding what the users and the company expect from the website or application, we concretise content, user flows and user journeys in the next step. A concept will be created, how the user should move through the product and when he sees which content.

Our tools: Workshops, prototypes and analyses

Our team develops the needs of users, user journeys and content together with clients, programmers and designers in the form of creative workshops. In this way, all project participants already have a good overview of the product and the various requirements. Business, technical or graphic areas are already taken into account and then iteratively integrated into the concept. For this purpose, we create various types of prototypes, for example paper prototypes, digital wireframes or interactive click dummies. By permanently observing and analysing user behaviour, we are constantly optimising our work to provide you and your customers with an incomparable digital experience. This happens for example during the implementation in usability labs.

Your result: User experience with added value

We create digital solutions that people like to use and that offer them real added value, thus providing us with the basis for successful and creative cooperation.

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