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diva-e strengthens your brand with high-quality content

Development of customer-centric content strategies

As digital partners of leading companies such as dm drogerie-Markt, FC Bayern Munich, BMW or Weleda, we know how brands become real love brands. The customer wants an outstanding customer experience - and this naturally includes content with added value. diva-e fills your pages with content that increases the relevance of your website or shop and also boosts digital sales.

Andrea Frohleiks
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Andrea Frohleiks
Head of Vendor Management, Compliance & ESG

The diva-e digital experts speak the language of your customers. That's how they bring your websites or online shops to new life with relevant content. Even as an owner of well performing e-commerce sites you have to check their content for up-to-dateness and face new challenges again and again. While in the past it may have been sufficient to rely solely on keyword optimisation, your key to success now lies in comprehensive and holistic content marketing. This is the only way to strengthen your brand and increase brand search. With a content optimisation for e-commerce by diva-e you secure higher conversion rates and more sales.

Content, which pays off holistically on brand building and conversions

Most users don't enter on the start page, but reach your online shop directly via the category level. Consequently, your challenge is to deliver convincing content to search engines and users already at this point. diva-e supports with texts and the research of relevant keywords. In order to deliver content that exactly fits your company, we coordinate intensively with you throughout the entire production process and rely on detailed briefings.

Brand-building and branded keywords

At the same time, it is important to push ahead with brand building, as the traffic that Google sends to external websites via Organic Search is now declining. The competition for this traffic is constantly increasing. But you have a powerful tool to increase your brand presence and reach: branded keywords.

Users often search for a combined brand and generic keyword, such as "dm shower gel" or "Zalando jeans". In 99 percent of the cases, the brand you are looking for will be at position 1 in Google's ranking.

So the goal is to increase the search volume of these branded keywords, which we call naviactional. This is composed of navigational (user searches for a specific brand) and transactional (user wants to carry out a transaction). To increase the search volume, continuous and holistic content marketing is necessary. Informational content helps in this process, as it draws more attention to your brand. Advisor texts or entire sections, magazines and a convincing social media presence are the cornerstones to increase the awareness of your brand and thus the search queries.

The right content marketing strategy is crucial

diva-e recommends the early development of a holistic, future-oriented content marketing strategy in order to communicate a strong message across all channels that fits your brand perfectly. With our content know-how, we serve various content formats such as product texts, purchase advisors, blogs, magazines, whitepapers/e-books, graphics, category texts, guidebooks or lists, tests and quizzes or videos. For example, we provide our customers, the food suppliers Lieferando, with enjoyable digital experiences. The SEO-optimised content of diva-e makes users appetite for the services of the online supplier. The digital experts created a food wiki for Lieferando, an online food encyclopedia that provides users with attractively prepared information about exotic country cuisines and special dishes.

Our content services

Strategy: diva-e creates, based on your business objectives, the appropriate content concept considering your existing channels.

Research: Using data-based tools and considering current trends, diva-e researches relevant topics and keywords for you.

Formats: During the keyword research, the keywords are clustered according to search intent and thus concrete formats are assigned.

Briefing: Through detailed briefings and sample texts diva-e creates the tonality for your content and thus guarantees consistent texts.

Production: diva-e's specialist authors follow these specifications, which are agreed with you, and create professional content with added value on this basis.

Proofreading: The content undergoes a comprehensive content check at diva-e as well as a spelling, grammar and plagiarism check.

CMS-maintenance: diva-e also takes care of the time-consuming step of content adjustment and content maintenance in your CMS.

Monitoring: Of course, diva-e measures the success of the content marketing measure by established, diva-e own and external tools.

Development of a branding campaign

Generic keywords are still an important factor in the ranking strategy. However, maximum ranking success can only be achieved with branded keywords. They offer the possibility of practically unrivalled rankings and generally attract more conversion-ready users. By means of a branding campaign, you create awareness together with us and permanently increase the search volume of the branded keywords. In this way, we work with you to create a brand that your customers will gladly recommend to others.

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