Challenges of e-commerce platforms

How content and commerce helps to achieve business goals

55% of shopping cart cancellations result from poor content

Thus, content plays an important role in e-commerce. Unfortunately, practice often shows that content is not always given the attention it deserves. Often, the (right) content is missing from the right places at crucial points in an online offering, existing content is faulty or outdated, or cannot be found by customers at the right time.

In e-commerce, such problems are immediately noticeable in conversion rates and also in sales. Reason enough to dedicate this whitepaper entirely to the power of content in the e-commerce sector!

You'll find this content in the whitepaper (German only):

  1. Creating added value and trust in e-commerce

  2. Up to 40% more revenue in 2022 thanks to performance measurement

  3. Myths and facts about high performance content

  4. Why PIM systems are a must for e-commerce systems

  5. Increase conversion and avoid bounces with Seamless Search

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