Webinar: Telefónica takes off with new Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

How the communications giant creates an overarching personalized customer experience with the Adobe Experience Platform

Here's what you'll learn in the webinar:

About 1.5 years ago, we started our proof of concept of the Adobe Experience Platform together with Telefónica Deutschland. A lot has happened since then and now we are live with AEP and the company is in the midst of transforming into an omnichannel marketing rockstar. In this webinar, we'll talk with Thomas Forster and Philip Dietrich about the challenges we've faced as a team along the way, their experiences with the Adobe Experience Platform as the technical foundation for Telefónica's transformation, and their key learnings from the process.

Date: July 13, 2022, 2 pm

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Key Facts:

  • What makes an omnichannel marketing rockstar?

  • What lessons have we learned in 1.5 years with AEP?

  • What would we do differently or better today?

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The speakers

Anna Graser joined diva-e in 2021 as a consultant for Adobe Target and the Adobe Experience Platform. She accompanied the AEP project at Telefónica from the beginning in data modeling, implementation and audience management. She draws on a broad knowledge of AEP and the Adobe Experience Cloud in her role.
Anna Graser
CRO Consultant
Franziska Borgwald has worked in project management and consulting since 2016 and joined diva-e in 2022. As a project manager, she supports the team across the board, focusing on customer communication, planning and organization. In her current role, she draws on her experience from 6 years in advertising and CRM agencies.
Franziska Borgwald
Project Manager Enterprise Suites
Philip Dietrich has been employed at Telefónica for two years as Web Analytics & Testing Manager. Together with his team, he is responsible for the entire value creation of the onsite data collection up to the generation of insights with this data. In addition, he is responsible for topics such as the implementation of data-driven attribution or the introduction of the Adobe Experience Platform. Through his studies in the European energy industry, Philip first worked at E.ON, where he held various positions (web analyst, testing specialist and team lead for web analytics).
Philip Dietrich
Teammanager Web Analytics & Testing, Telefónica
Since 2005, Thomas Forster has worked in various marketing and sales departments at Telefónica Deutschland, from product marketing to brand management, onsite marketing and most recently in data-driven marketing as program lead for AEP. As Manager for Customer Activation & Personalization at Customer Marketing since June 1, he has been responsible for consistent and personalized customer communication and offers design across all B2C channels.
Thomas Forster
Teamleiter Customer Activation & Personalization, Telefónica