Webinar: Tech meets Underwear in the best fit

How Wolford is becoming an omnichannel role model through data-driven business

Here's what you'll learn in the webinar:

Today, a seamless customer experience is a prerequisite for a successful omnichannel strategy. Challenges such as orphaned shopping carts and customer churn are just two examples of a lack of customer experience. More than three out of four shoppers do not complete the purchase process. This costs the e-commerce industry around 16 billion euros in revenue per year. Abandonment rates could rise even further in the future. The solution is to create a seamless and relevant customer experience across online and offline channels. After all, customers expect nothing less than a complete understanding of their needs, an inspiring digital brand experience, and a successful purchase - all in real-time. Data and a customer data platform are the foundation for this.

Our webinar will show how textile manufacturer Wolford is becoming an omnichannel role model through data-driven business. Join us as Wolford and Tealium explain how to create a unique digital shopping experience analogous to a memorable flagship store visit with the right strategy and technology in the real world. 

We will also explain how individual technology components and solutions work together in a "best-of-breed" approach and their essential role in the customer journey and brand experience. 

Key Facts:

  • Creating a successful omnichannel strategy using the example of

  • Wolford Best of Breed vs Best of Suite

  • With data-driven business to a seamless customer experience

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Frank Rauchfuß
Managing Director Consulting & Data

In unserem Webinar zeigen wir, wie der Textilhersteller Wolford durch Data-Driven-Business zum Omnichannel-Vorbild wird. Seien Sie dabei, wenn wir gemeinsam mit Wolford und Tealium erläutern, wie Sie mit der richtigen Strategie und Technologie ein einzigartiges digitales Einkaufserlebnis, analog zu einem unvergesslichen Flagship Store Besuch in der realen Welt, erschaffen. 

Außerdem erläutern wir, wie das Zusammenwirken von einzelnen technologischen Komponenten und Lösungen in einem “Best-of-Breed”-Ansatz funktioniert, sowie ihre wichtige Bedeutung in der Customer Journey und Brand Experience. 

Key Facts:

  • Erstellung einer erfolgreichen Omnichannel-Strategie am Praxis-Beispiel

  • Wolford Best-of-Breed vs. Best of Suite 

  • Mit Data-Driven-Business zur nahtlosen Customer Experience

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The speakers

Johannes Höller is Head of CDP & Data Analytics and brings over 15 years of experience in product and project management, performance marketing and e-commerce. His focus is on customer data platforms, product and tool management, data-driven business, tracking, data analytics and BI. In addition to diva-e, Johannes has already worked at intelliAd, Yatego and Microsoft and runs his start-ups.
Johannes Höller
Head of CDP & Data Analytics, diva-e
As Global Director IT & Digital at Wolford AG, Rainer Knapp brings an extensive professional background as IT Director in companies focusing on B2C and B2B business. He takes the lead in supporting the development of innovative partnerships and close collaboration with marketing departments, resulting in consumer-facing IT services and projects to support the business and the brand.
Rainer Knapp
Global Director IT & Digital, Wolford AG
Alexander Willkomm is Director of Strategic Accounts at Tealium in Hamburg. With his experience in real-time marketing and customer experience, he supports companies with their data challenges. By breaking down data silos and creating a 360° view of the customer, he helps to drive their digital transformation successfully.
Alexander Willkomm
Director Strategic Account, Tealium