On-Demand Coffee Break: Marketplaces with rapid growth

Why do they dominate digital commerce?

The past year has forced many companies to realign - whether B2B or B2C strategically. In the process, a lot has developed when it comes to the marketplace topic. Marketplaces are experiencing tremendous growth right now, with $2.67 trillion spent globally on the top 100 online marketplaces in 2020 alone. As a result, gross merchandise sales increased by 29% compared to 2019.*

Find out whether you should now also pursue a marketplace strategy and what benefits as well as challenges the topic brings in our next TXP Coffee Break with Sirko Schneppe, CCO, diva-e, and Edmund Frey, CRO, Spryker.

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

The speakers

The business informatics graduate was already involved with the emerging Internet during his studies in the 1990s and quickly became part of the steadily growing community of e-commerce experts in Germany. The serial entrepreneur founded the e-commerce service provider Ageto in Jena in 2003 with Sascha Sauer and Patrick Israel and was one of the idea generators and co-founders of diva-e. Today, as CCO Chief Commercial Officer, Sirko is responsible for sales, marketing and diva-e's strategic partnerships.
Sirko Schneppe
CCO & Founder, diva-e
As Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Spryker Systems GmbH, Edmund Frey is responsible for Spryker Systems' worldwide revenue. Edmund is an international management expert with more than 25 years of experience at Adobe, SAP, JBoss, BEA, Tyco and Siemens. He led various transformations, increased revenue and growth through digitalization, and was responsible for territory management and development of regions and crucial accounts. His passion for innovation and digitalization knowledge make him a relevant sparring and consulting partner for any digital transformation. Edmund and his family live in Dachau, a suburb of Munich.
Edmund Frey
CRO, Spryker Systems GmbH

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