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About us

one web. zero limits.

Zeros and ones dominate our thinking. They are our raw materials, our namesake and they are up for grabs: after all, the Web is a playing field without bounds.

Our clients

From midsized companies to global corporations: all our customers need individual, reliable and scalable solutions. Often, and especially at the beginning of the relationship it takes courage for an agency such as us to speak up honestly. But our clients appreciate it. Complex projects require critical questions. Innovative design sometimes needs to be defended. For these reasons, we are what the customer needs most: a longterm partner.

Our company

Our employees and customers keep telling us that zeros+ones feels like a startup. A startup since 1994. Our projects and work groups are indeed still characterized by flat hierarchies, flexible thinking and quick decisions. Our motivation grows because customers and partners encourage us to remain so consistent. Success has not changed us, it has only made us stronger. And that's why we think it is best to keep this startup mentality.





Zero heroes. One team.

  • Marcel Anger

    Frontend Web Developer

  • Andreas Aubele


  • Benedikt Bast

    Web Application Developer

  • Manuel Berthold

    Senior Concept Designer

  • Tolga Besiktasli

    Team Leader Application Development

  • Manuel Bolai

    Frontend Web Developer

  • Silja Brinsky

    Project Management

  • Johannes Burger

    Technical Project Manager / Team CMS

  • Stefan Böhler

    Lead Frontend Developer - Team E.ON

  • Antonio Luca Capelletti


  • Mark Dangl


  • Nils Diestler

    Interactive Developer

  • Angela Drees

    Graphic Design

  • Anna Drenckberg

    Team Leader Project Management

  • Steffen Dünkel

    Art Director

  • Jannik Egger

    Lead Frontend Developer

  • Dirk Ehlting

    Team Leader Content Management

  • Michael Erbertseder

    Web Application Developer

  • Julian Eschbaumer

    Trainee Graphic Design

  • Angela Geißler

    Team Leader Graphics Support

  • Kilian Goldmann

    HR Business Partner

  • Torsten Green


  • Nils Grünewald


  • Andreas Hahn

    Frontend Web Developer

  • Christopher Haider

    Frontend Developer / Team Frontend

  • Bastian Heieck

    Senior Web Application Developer

  • Stefanie Heymig

    Leader Human Resources & Office Management

  • Peter Hrynio


  • Dietrich Hueck


  • Marie-Luise Höschele

    Project Management

  • Patrick Jahns

    Team Leader Support

  • Beata Janas

    Content Management

  • Sriyan Jayasuriya

    Web Application Developer

  • Denis Kaiser

    System Administrator

  • Aurica Kleiber

    Content Management

  • Steffen Kremer

    Project Management /
    Content Management

  • Boris Kupusovic

    Frontend Developer

  • Henrik Lang

    Interactive Developer

  • Sonja Lindhoff

    Project Management / Support / Graphic Design

  • Bianca Longin

    Graphic Design

  • Ally Malima


  • Kathrin Meerson

    Team Leader Project Management

  • Lasse Mertlich

    Technical Project Management / Support

  • Torsten-Erik Mirow

    Frontend Developer

  • Martin Mühle

    Interactive Design

  • Natalja Pavlukova

    Frontend Developer

  • Jon Prepeluh

    Senior Art Director

  • Thomas Rabl

    Web Application Developer

  • Mario Ranasinghe

    Senior Art Director

  • Sandra Rang

    Project Management and Recruiting

  • Anna Raum

    Project Management

  • Ramona Rupprecht


  • Marina Röder

    Office Management / Accounting

  • Sonja Schumacher

    Concept Designer

  • Simon Schwarz


  • Florian Schütz

    Team Leader CMS Development

  • Jennifer Schäfers

    Graphic Design

  • Christoph Sollanek

    Content Management / Support

  • Maksims Strasinskis

    Web Application Developer

  • Andreas Strobel

    Creative Director

  • Johanna Stuke

    Free Concepter + Art Director

  • Sebastian Stumpf

    Web Application Developer

  • Daniel Sucké

    Technical Project Management /
    Frontend Web Developer

  • Dragan Susak

    Java Application Developer

  • Michael Teltscher


  • Sofia Teltscher


  • Thomas Uebe

    Senior Art Director / Team Leader Graphic Design

  • Thomas Vogt

    Web Application Developer

  • Andreas Wagner

    Web Application Developer

  • Stefanie Wagner

    Project Management

  • Albert Walner

    System Administrator

  • Niklas Weber

    Interactive Developer

  • Christoph Wende

    Web Application Developer

  • Konstanze Wimmer

    Graphic Design

  • Jörg Winne

    Technical Project Manager / Senior Web Application Developer

  • Andreas Wolf

    Web Application Developer

  • Sabine Wollender

    Interactive Design


Love at first sight


diva-e zeros+ones GmbH
Tassiloplatz 27
81541 Munich

Represented by:

Antonio Luca Capelletti, Torsten Green, Dr. Dietrich Hueck, Dipl. Ing. Michael Teltscher, Axel Jahn


Telephone: +49 89 520 460 - 0

Legal Notice:

District Court Munich: HRB 119825
Ust-ID according to §27a of the Value Added Tax Law: DE 192124597

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Torsten Green
Tassiloplatz 27
81541 Munich

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Leopold Fiala

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