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Hero Skus

AMD - Video

Promotion video for AMD Hero Skus Notebooks

The AMD Hero SKUs are selected range of notebooks that stand out in design and in their technical features from the mass of laptops available. Each product videos and product images should reflect the quality and performance of the notebooks.

Most of the Hero Sku notebooks were still prototypes at the time we wanted to creat the videos and product images. For this reason, it was not possible for us to complete the filming of all notebooks in a single shoot. We therefore decided to completely recreate all products in 3D. We had every notebook scanned in a 3D process and had them imitated to fit our pipeline. This gave us huge flexibility, and saved us time and money.

AMD - Video

From prototype to finished 3D model

The quality and detail of the product was our top priority. Thus, the 3D model is completely identical to the real product. We left it up to 3D scanning. The 3D scan provided us with a model with a large number of polygons ( over 950 million triangles ) which did not fit in our pipeline. So we re-created on the basis of the scans each model and so reduced the polygons without loss of detail or quality.