Deutsche Bank KunstHalle - Website

Deutsche Bank KunstHalle

KunstHalle Berlin Web presence

Deutsche Bank KunstHalle - Website

Art Unter den Linden

For 15 years, Deutsche Bank has operated in conjunction with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, the German Guggenheim. Since April 2013, the art spaces in Berlin have been included in the "KunstHalle" section, which therefore needed its own site.

The new corporate design was the basis for the new look. zeros+ones conceived, designed and implemented a website which has the appearance of the new KunstHalle.

Deutsche Bank KunstHalle - Website

In Focus: The Deutsche Bank Collection

Since its opening, we have supported the KunstHalle of Deutsche Bank by creating and maintaining its own web page. The launch of the 'power art' event featured a microsite: from an open exhibition of 2135 art works, 8 winners were drawn. There were 12,000 visitors in 48 hours: a great start for the KunstHalle.

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