E.ON - Integration microsite


E.ON Energiezukunft

E.ON - Integration microsite

Migration of E.ON microsite to eon.de

Complete transfer of the content of the existing microsite "Energiezukunft " to www.eon.de website

The content of the microsite was transferred to "Energy and the Future" . zeros+ones took over the design, the creation of texts and graphic, and technical implementation of the new content pages. A new TV ad and content matching videos were also released. At the same time, the E.ON YouTube channel was launched, which has since also been maintained by zeros+ones. The energy future pages will be continuously be maintained and adapted to new campaigns.

E.ON - Integration microsite

A page without classic navigation

This iPad-optimized special offers users a vertically scrollable 'client' area at the start, with the option to ask questions related to the subjects of Energy and EON. On the 'left' of this is information on energy future, on the 'right' information on innovation and technology in EON projects. The navigation is done by scrolling in the area and teasers to switch to the adjacent areas.