E.ON - Website


Relaunch of the sales website

E.ON - Website

Relaunch of the sales website eon.de in Responsive Design

Make the E.ON's sales webpage more user-friendly, focused and modern as well as optimized for display on all devices.

zeros + ones developed a new "responsive" website - a modern, target-oriented design, which was confirmed by users in a usability test. In close cooperation with E.ON Energie Deutschland, zeros+ones designed the new structure of the page, click paths were shortened and viewing optimized. zeros+ones designed and programmed the new landing pages and various mini-applications as well as content migration.

E.ON - Website

Reach your desired product quickly and easily

Thanks to a responsive design the website automatically adapts to a particular screen size and can be easily and pleasantly used by E.ON customers regardless of the device. You can reach your desired product in a few easy clicks. Thanks to a Parallax-effect on the homepage all relevant fast links can be included without overloading. The result is a clear page that allows customers quick access to the important information they need.

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