Telsis - Web Application


Ocean Service Manager Web Application

Telsis - Web Application

Development of a web application

Implementation of a web application to manage a phone call routing platform.

The challenge of this project was the integration of provided interfaces for controlling the routing platform and for evaluating statistics as well as creating a modern looking and user friendly interface. That's why we used state of the art technologies to implement the user interface in order to provide an up-to-date interaction between the user and the routing platform. The highlight here was the visual representation of the call flows which are displayed in an interactive tree view.

Telsis - Web Application

Large project scope

Furthermore the web application should provide multi-client capability, automated creation of graphical statistics and the possibility to easily extend the application in the future. To meet these requirements, the web portal was implemented in Java using state of the art frameworks. Over a period of one year, a team of three Java and two frontend specialist defined and implemented the requirements in close collaboration with the customer.