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Xella International - Website

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With its 6 product brands, Xella is of one of the largest building material companies in the world. A CD and brand-oriented online presence in over 40 countries representing over 70 projects, some trilingual, which differ only in language, content and brand color.

For the implementation back in 2003, zeros+ones chose to use the content management system WSM (formerly RedDot ) of Open Text Web. All sites are located centrally on a server and maintained by about 100 editors worldwide. The master project is being rolled out for each newly added site and the same set of templates have been made available to all brands and countries. zeros+ones has been operating for this customer since the first site of Ytong AG in 1999, today a product brand of Xella.

Xella International - Website

One for all

One Website for every company representation worldwide, for all eight Xella brands and with one layout system for every page: making maintenance of the country sites really easy. Interactive entry pages allow the content to come alive and for customer interaction.