YTONG - Website


Ytong Bausatzhaus Website

YTONG - Website

Relaunch of the Ytong Bausatzhaus Website

Relaunch of Ytong Bausatzhaus Website with the new Ytong Xella branding with a selfdeveloped CMS backend.

The YBSH website, which was already being managed by zeros+ones, has now been set up with the new Xella Branding and with CMS Backend and Open Text Management Server for the YBSH partner. The aim was to allow each partner to have a special area on the website using the CMS backend which they could update themselves. Visitors to the website can enter their zip code, so that the web page displays the information from their local partner (so to speak, the website is "customized").

YTONG - Website

Targeted dream house

House overview "Find house", house details with PDF's and the “Bausatzhaus on site”-search engine, which finds the closest dealer to your current location.