diva-e as Google Partner

Next Level User Experience

We help you identify the right measures to take your UX to the next level

As a Google partner, we connect talent, teamwork, and technology to meet your users’ needs and create opportunity for today and tomorrow. We empower the evolution of your user experience with a data-driven, user-centric and target oriented consulting approach.

Our experts will team-up with you to identify tactics and strategies that fit your individual business goals. With our extensive experience in all areas of mobile web optimization and a holistic approach, we will help you evolve and celebrate success with a performant and conversation optimized website.

Place your trust in us, and we put our passion in transaction.


Why You Should Care

Users rarely come to your website knowing about every piece of content you’ve published or every product in your catalog, so findability and discoverability are both important for creating a successful e-commerce site.

The findability factor of your e-commerce site can make or break your chances of success. Low findability does not only come with user frustration, but with a significant dent in your revenue. The longer users have to search, the more likely they are to abandon your site.

The discoverability factor is all about users encountering new content or functionality that they were not aware of before. The more intuitive users find out about relevant products, features and content, the more likely they are to buy (more).

How We Help You

High findability and discoverability are the results of a well-defined information architecture and well-designed navigation system. The challenge with findability and discoverability issues is determining the root cause. We help you to identify the friction points linked to your information architecture (e.g. navigation structure and section naming, breadcrumb, filters, search) or the user interface design of your navigation elements (e.g. size, color, position, misleading or missing animations).

Our Strategies, Tools & Methods

We offer different ways of investigation:

  • Expert review

  • Qualitative quick user tests

  • Tree testing & card sorting

  • Click testing


Why You Should Care

Increasing the average order value is a key objective of e-commerce websites as it directly impacts revenue and profitability.

How We Help You

With a detailed analysis of your conversion funnel, we help you better understand the reasons for leakages and missed up- and cross-selling opportunities. We then carefully analyze your customers' behaviors and preferences to determine which strategies are most likely to resonate with them along the customer journey.

Our Strategies, Tools & Methods

We use different strategies ...

  • to improve product discovery.

  • to improve product findability.

  • to drive trust.

  • to drive the buying decision.

  • to influence the price evaluation.

  • to drive the checkout-conversion.

  • to drive cross- and upselling.

  • to create a seamless and compelling overall customer journey.

Preview Of A Possible Test Scenario

Reduce Product Returns in Retail

Why You Should Care

Free returns are affecting business’ bottom lines and companies’ ways of dealing with them (i.e. putting returned items into landfill) is getting negative attention from climate campaigners. But customers continue to think of them as a minimum standard of service.

How We Help You

Since there is not a one-size-fits-all approach for all companies and customers, we help you to explore returning habits in more detail. We identify and describe different return personalities and come-up with tailored solutions and communication strategies to help you reduce returns.

Our Strategies, Tools & Methods

  • User surveys and qualitative interviews.

  • Optimization of return forms to explore return habits in more detail.

  • Creation of return personalities.

  • Development of tailored solutions and communications strategies for the different return personalities.

Data Based Audit & Ads Journey CRO Optimisation

Why You Should Care

Optimizing the conversion in critical user journeys is a key lever to driving revenue. Being aware of those journeys and identifying friction points is key to driving conversions and sales.

How We Help You

Depending on the use case and your existing research tool stack, we select a suitable mix of methods to generate data-driven recommendations and test-concepts to improve the user experience and increase the conversion rate.

Our Strategies, Tools & Methods

  • Quantitative audit of in-page behaviors

  • Quantitative customer journey analysis/through-site behavior

  • On-site surveys including page-exit surveys

  • Qualitative audit - behavior patterns

  • Qualitative audit - sustainable UX

Optimization for AI-First Signals and Generative AI Creative

Why You Should Care

In an AI-first world, ad campaigns are increasingly using landing page and website content signals to better match user query intent and predict conversion likelihood. By harnessing the potential of AI, you can gain a strategic competitive advantage and take your users' experience to the next level.

How We Help You

We offer micro targeting techniques or an analytical AI audit to improve your landing pages’ content and conversion rate.

Microtargeting techniques help us to create tailor-made landing pages that address the individual needs and goals of micro target groups. The cost efficient creation of those highly resonating landing pages is boosted by AI generated text and images.

Analytical AI helps us to predict design issues early in the development process and to benchmark your website against competitors.

Our Strategies, Tools & Methods

  • Microtargeting and AI generated landing page content

  • Analytical AI to evaluate designs and live websites (against competitors)

Login & Registration

Why You Should Care

Registering to a site is the beginning of a relationship that users want to have with your site as well as your business. If the users get a trustworthy and secure process in addition to a simple and easy experience, they are confident to provide their information on your site. If the experience is poor, they will leave your site and won’t come back.

Next to registering, the log in is another crucial step within the customer journeys that should be simple and motivating. With login comes customer identities — the most accurate first-party data beneficial for conversions and customer retention.

How We Help You

We conduct a heuristic evaluation of your current login and registration process and thereby answer questions like:

  • Is the login and registration process in line with the mental model of the user?

  • Is the user asked to only provide the necessary information at the right point of time within his onboarding journey?

  • Is the user supported in his actions through smart autofill and external account login?

  • Are validations guiding and error states helpful?

  • Is the value of creating an account clearly communicated?

Our Strategies, Tools & Methods

  • Heuristic evaluation by our UX consultants and UI designers

  • Microcopy optimization by our UX Writing experts

  • Qualitative usability tests


Accessibility Standards

Identifying gaps and providing guidance on how to support alignment with WCAG 2.1 and accessibility standards to reach a wider audience.

Why You Should Care

According to data from the World Health Organization, one person out of six experiences some kind of significant disability. This number may rise due to the aging population. Additionally, users often face temporary disabilities and difficulties – even if it is only working on a mobile phone in the glaring sunlight and thus having difficulties reading contents. Thus, it is essential to create inclusive digital products as they address a broader audience. On top of that, accessible interfaces are easier to use by all users.

The European Accessibility Act will make a certain level of accessibility mandatory for a wide range of digital products starting in 2025. The requirements are mirrored in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Ultimately, integrating accessibility standards reflects social responsibility and contributes to building a more inclusive society where everyone can fully participate in the digital world.

How We Help You

We identify violations within your digital product against current accessibility standards and provide guidance on how to solve these. This will help you reach a wider audience, make your interface easier to use and avoid penalties.

Our Strategies, Tools & Methods

  • Accessibility Audit done by experts from different trades like UX/UI, Frontend, SEO and content to ensure a holistic view

  • Audit on your existing design system in Figma for finding accessibility problems by a UX/UI specialist

Performance Audits

Why You Should Care

In a VUCA world, consumers expectations are constantly changing, but one thing is for sure, this world comes with plenty of alternatives and distractions. Today’s consumer is impatient. If users get frustrated by slow page load times or unstable page layouts, they will go elsewhere – no questions asked. And it’s not only your websites visitors who demand seamless experience, it’s search engines, too. So take let’s take performance seriously!

How We Help You

We identify and prioritize measures to increase your website’s performance.

We steer the technical exchange with your developers, and empower your internal discussions with data-driven findings and impact assessment.

We take documentation and transparency seriously and are happy to work with Jira and Confluence.

We continuously monitor and report our initiatives and keep you up-to-date on the project status.