Webmailer Front-End development

Comprehensive range of mature online applications

1&1 offers a diverse range of online-based platforms to discerning private users, businesses and freelancers. This includes dial-up software developed by diva-e Netpioneer to establish the Internet connection “1&1 ProfiDialer.” Thanks to intelligent connection optimisation, 1&1 has saved enormous sums on a weekly basis, before dial-up software lost importance due to the spread of DSL flat rates.

In another interesting project, diva-e Netpioneer developed the front-end for the company’s webmailer, which is part of several 1&1 product solutions and has been used by millions of customers every day.

  • Dial-up software 1&1 ProfiDialer

  • Was also deployed as GMX Internet Manager

  • Optimised selection of the dial-in node according to time and traffic conditions

  • Automated connection change as a condition for granting low-cost rates through 1&1

  • 1&1 webmailer

  • User interface development

  • Designed for high load

  • Easy adaptation to different skins and languages

  • Developed on the open source framework Pustefix

  • Deployed in France, Great Britain, USA and Germany

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Head of Sales New Business