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With Digital Business Consulting from Strategy to Added Value for Customers and Sustainable Growth

Whether it's new solutions for your business or your platforms, in Digital Business Consulting we develop custom-fit strategies and concepts within a short period of time, based on your actual needs and goals. We always focus on your customers (B2C and B2B) in order to offer specific added value and thus create sustainable growth. Since strategy and technology alone do not guarantee Digital Commercial Excellence, the empowerment of the organization as well as Customer Experience Management is an essential part of our services in our holistic business consulting.

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Digital Commercial Excellence (DCX) Strategie

Developing and implementing a digital customer experience strategy is a future-proof requirement for companies in all industries.


The diva-e Strategy Sprint is a pragmatic approach to answering key strategic questions and problems in the shortest possible time - from inquiry and scoping to discussion of the final concept in just a few weeks!


With the goal of creating a unique seamless cross-channel user experience for your customers, we work with you to develop a strategic concept that links your digital, analog and physical customer touchpoints.

Target Operating Model

In addition to a vision and strategy, the successful digitization of your company requires structures that are both clear and variable.

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Digitalization has changed the behavior of target groups. The "informed buyer" wants to be understood and properly picked up at the respective steps of the customer journey. Companies are therefore faced with the question of how to deal with these new market requirements.

The digitization of the business model or the sales strategy is vital for companies to remain competitive. The goal here is to offer customers sustainable added value and to operate efficiently at the same time.

While many market participants have recognized the need to adapt and are reacting with new strategies, many companies still act according to traditional rules and market understandings. The reasons for this are often a lack of skills within their own organization.

As a Transactional Experience Partner (TXP), diva-e supports the digitalization of corporate transactions and focuses on the customer experience that is crucial to success. As a long-term partner, we support you with our digital business consulting, bringing together experts in the areas of digital strategy development and digital performance optimization with a focus on sales and marketing. With our partnership-based and results-oriented consulting approach, we offer you customized solutions to:

  • remain competitive and successful in the long term in a dynamic, digitalized world,

  • understand the digital market, the customers in it and trend developments,

  • actively integrate them into your strategic orientation, planning and structures, and

  • successfully steer your organization through the change

Digital Business Strategies

In Digital Business Consulting, we see a strategic approach as an elementary basis for the success of your platforms and ambitions in digital marketing and sales. A well-defined digital business strategy provides you with a guideline for surviving on the market in the long term. It shows how you compare to your competitors and what you need to stay relevant in the future. A strategy can identify trends and opportunities, as well as market changes, and creates a vision and therefore direction for your customers and customer interactions.

Our core competencies in strategy development include building a Digital Commercial Excellence (DCX) strategy or even developing an omnichannel strategy. With our digital business consulting, it is also possible to develop only individual elements of a strategy - for example, with a target picture that analyzes the direction for your company and business potential. Or we use our many years of entrepreneurial expertise to review your existing strategies and align current plans - such as the development of a digital platform - with them.

When it comes to answering key strategic questions and solving problems in the shortest possible time, our strategy sprints are the perfect solution for you.

Digital Commercial Excellence (DCX)

Developing and implementing a digital customer experience strategy is a future-proof requirement for companies in all industries. With our DCX strategy approach, we identify specific added value for your customers in digital business consulting and create sustainable growth for your company.

A diva-e DCX strategy is based on an internal analysis of your company's digital maturity and the identification of external requirements from the market, competitors, customers and trends. Based on this, we identify new strategic alignment opportunities for your company and analyze business potential as well as potential products and services, which we elaborate in the form of a vision and a target picture (also called DCX Target Picture). The DCX Target Picture, finally, shows how your company wants to interact with its customers in the future.

To close the gaps between the target picture and the status quo, we define relevant fields of action in which individual measures are identified. For their systematic implementation, we jointly develop a roadmap.

Strategy development follows our guiding principle of creating a customer-centric business alignment and an integrated experience for customers. In combination with raising your organization's awareness of new market and customer requirements, as well as a structured framework for digital initiatives and projects, we create the foundation for a successful digital business.

All components of our DCX strategy can be seen as services in their own right and can be executed together with diva-e.

Strategy sprints

The diva-e Strategy Sprint is a pragmatic approach to digital management consulting that enables us to answer key strategic questions and problems in the shortest possible time - from inquiry and scoping to discussion of the final concept in just a few weeks! In the Strategy Sprint, we focus on the individual company, customer and market requirements, develop a usable strategy and promote its targeted and direct implementation.

In a "platform strategy sprint", for example, we support your company in strategically conceptualizing a sales and/or marketing channel (platform, eco-system, app, websites, etc.) and working it up in an implementation-oriented manner.

Omnichannel strategy

With the goal of creating a unique, seamless, cross-channel user experience for your customers, we work with you to develop a strategic concept that links your digital, analog, and physical customer touchpoints. In contrast to a multichannel marketing approach, the omnichannel customer journey intertwines the various touchpoints without any breaks. Since all customer- and transaction-relevant data is available to your employees at the various contact points on an equal footing and transparently, your customers benefit from a seamless experience.

DCX Target Picture

For your marketing and sales success, it is essential not only to develop an appropriate and concise value proposition, but also to define a future-oriented goal. Only companies that pursue a clear strategic direction for their digital activities will remain sustainably successful in the growing digital competition.

The DCX target picture describes an ideal-typical target scenario for your digitization approaches and defines the future strategic and operational design of your commercial division. In workshops and using foresight methods, we work with you in digital business consulting to develop your future digital target picture for differentiated alignment and positioning in the market environment.

Organizational Enablement

In order to bring a strategy "alive" and implement it successfully, the organization needs to be empowered. Our diva-e Target Operating Model approach serves as a framework to make your company fit for a future-oriented alignment.

Target Operating Model

In addition to a vision and strategy, the successful digitization of your company requires clear and at the same time variable structures. With the formulation of a Target Operating Model, TOM for short, we make the requirements from your vision and strategy tangible. By looking at the dimensions of people, and organization & structure, technology & systems, as well as data and analytics with a focus on marketing and sales, we show how your company should position itself in order to offer customers added value while operating efficiently.

What sets us apart

Market- and customer-centric

As digital strategy consultants, we are lateral thinkers and forward thinkers. We consciously break out of existing patterns, rules and structures without losing sight of your entrepreneurial success. We think and act based on market and customer benefits, because that drives innovation and ensures your market success.

Proven methodology

By using a stringent as well as proven development approach and by applying new methodologies, we develop customer-specific solutions for your business success in Digital Business Consulting.

Consulting at eye level

We see ourselves as a strategic partner to our clients, bringing creativity, digital expertise and entrepreneurial know-how to bear in a unique way.

Implementation-oriented Transactional Experience Partner (TXP)

As a leading Transactional Experience Partner with more than 900 employees at 10 locations in Germany and abroad, we are a strong implementation partner with a focus on results.

Our top references in Digital Business Consulting

Best4Tires, a wholesale company for tires, wheels and complete wheels, has the ambition to innovatively shape the future of the industry as a digital pioneer. To support this, we developed a company-wide Digital Customer Experience (DCX) strategy in the CMO area. This resulted in further digital transformation projects with a focus on building a new B2B platform, designing new digital customer touchpoints and business models, CRM strategy as well as change management and target operating model.

Weleda, global market leader for certified natural cosmetics and anthroposophic medicines relies on diva-e's strategy experts to develop anthroposophic medicines a sustainable digital strategy for the global digital transformation of the Commercial division. The focus was on the development of a customer-centric data-driven business, an efficient global market cultivation strategy, and the optimization and expansion of Weleda's product and service offering to include digital services.

With over 5,000 employees, the Winkelmann Group is one of the leading international groups of companies in the metal forming sector. With diva-e's support, a holistic strategy development and change process was carried out, the aim of which was to develop a strategic vision with a four-year perspective for all business and central divisions. Furthermore, divisional target images were combined into a Group-wide target image, thus initiating a Group-wide transformation process.

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diva-e took care of the integration of a commerce system into the SAP landscape and developed a self-service portal for customers.
diva-e begleitet Weleda seit mehreren Jahren auf dem Weg der digitalen Transformation. Als großer Meilenstein der Digitaloffensive ging im Februar 2024 der Online-Shop in Deutschland live.
diva-e and dmTECH set new standards in software development and digital consulting.
Boards & More Group
mit Composable Commerce auf die Erfolgswelle
diva-e creates a unique B2B ordering experience through the online platform of the global glass market leader.
diva-e gets Vergölst's customer approach rolling by optimizing existing customer contact with Adobe Campaign.
diva-e mapped the entire digital value chain in the project with the Talanx Group for the relaunch of the corporate website and the new career portal.
diva-e develops a scalable and future-proof architecture and integrates it into the already existing backend systems.
Hertha BSC
diva-e developed a new state-of-the-art website with emotional design for Hertha BSC.
Klöckner & co
diva-e guides steel giant Klöckner through digitalisation and realises online shops with marketplace function.
FC Bayern Munich
Digital Champions League: The German championship record holder wows fans worldwide with tailor-made digital experiences.
Online marketplace for groceries: We are creating an adaptable platform for the retail giant EDEKA Nord
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