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OneProSeo provides you with all the tools you need for a strong organic growth in the world of search engines. It was designed to fill the shortcomings of common SEO tools that hinder businesses from a smooth search engine optimization process. Its special configurability allows it to meet almost any user requirements, no matter how specific. As your personal contact, we also advise on and implement individual technical requests.

Highlights for SEOs

  • Create holistic SEO reports automatically

  • Retrieve all relevant data quickly, conveniently and even in real time

  • Find out what customers are searching for on Google

  • Gain competitor insights

  • Strengthen internal linking

  • Technical implementation of individual queries

  • API Integration for BI Tools

Automated SEO-Reports

An automotive company monitors international SEO campaigns in different countries. German shipping services track their development locally based on individual cities.

The developments in your organic visibility should always be monitored. As the right conclusions can only be drawn by means of the right data, an automated report provides you with the necessary data on a regular basis.

Reports come in a number of different forms:

  • Direct use of the tool

  • Excel

  • Google Drive

  • Monthly or weekly e-mail reports

  • As API for, e.g. Google Data Studio or Microsoft Power Bl

OneProSeo enables businesses to create individual projects and monitor their organic growth on Google.

Data gathered by the tool is illustrated by graphs containing important insights such as duplicate rankings. The reports can also be enhanced with Google Search Console & Analytics data and analyses can be easily exported as CSV, Excel or Google Sheet.

Set up international & local projects

Projects can be set up internationally for 160 countries. It is also possible to track keyword campaigns locally, e.g. based on an individual city.

Track competitors

The data related to your competitors can be directly incorporated into the project. In doing so, competitors' websites can be monitored and compared based on a consistent set of data.


By use of search volume and competitor data, the tool's unique visibility index, the Onedex, is computed, which measures the developments of the page performance in a meaningful way.

Create campaigns

For SEO campaigns, keyword sets can be created and monitored, e.g. based on a specific topic.

Monitor page load times & Chrome UX

An automated report can be created quickly to monitor page load times and Chrome UX. With a user-defined test frequency, the data can be collected at regular intervals.

Perform crawls

It is possible to create one-time or periodical crawls in accordance with personal requirements. Differences or developments become visible by comparing the crawls.

What are your customers searching for on Google?

OneProSeo provides transparency about Google and search behavior so that the following questions do not go unanswered:

  • In which month is the search volume for my keyword highest?

  • What questions are our customers asking in the subject context?

  • What other related terms are searched for more commonly?

  • How high is the cannibalization for individual keywords?

  • How have rankings changed over time?

To achieve this, OneProSeo works with essential tools that provide you, SEOs with useful insights.

Rank Monitoring

Daily or weekly monitoring of thousands of keywords worldwide as well as locally for cities and regions.

Keyword Suggestions

Get keyword suggestions directly from Google Suggest.

Search volume and a lot more insights

Through the integration with the Google Ads API, search volume, competition indicators, costs per keyword etc. can be monitored.

Find question keywords

Using W-Questions DB tool, you can find question keywords to deepen your page content and its structure. The search is based on a single main keyword and is available in various languages.

Get keyword data für up to 5000 keywords at a time

Powerful ranking & search volume queries for large keyword database.

Complete exports from Google Search Console via API

With the export function of Google Search Console, you get all the search data organized differently than the data preset by Google.

Live ranking data

Get the real time overview of Google ranking data.

Uncover internal linking opportunities

Find and strengthen internal linking opportunities by using Link Silo Tool.

Other Tools
  • Content Writer Briefing Tool

  • Indexing Tool

  • Site Check

  • JSON-LD Markup Generator

  • Snippet Preview

Independent of our OneProSEO suite, we offer a Local SEO tool that increases your local visibility and boosts ranking chances. Thereby, we also offer free SEO tools.

diva-e took care of the integration of a commerce system into the SAP landscape and developed a self-service portal for customers.
diva-e begleitet Weleda seit mehreren Jahren auf dem Weg der digitalen Transformation. Als großer Meilenstein der Digitaloffensive ging im Februar 2024 der Online-Shop in Deutschland live.
diva-e and dmTECH set new standards in software development and digital consulting.
Boards & More Group
mit Composable Commerce auf die Erfolgswelle
diva-e creates a unique B2B ordering experience through the online platform of the global glass market leader.
diva-e gets Vergölst's customer approach rolling by optimizing existing customer contact with Adobe Campaign.
diva-e mapped the entire digital value chain in the project with the Talanx Group for the relaunch of the corporate website and the new career portal.
diva-e develops a scalable and future-proof architecture and integrates it into the already existing backend systems.
Hertha BSC
diva-e developed a new state-of-the-art website with emotional design for Hertha BSC.
Klöckner & co
diva-e guides steel giant Klöckner through digitalisation and realises online shops with marketplace function.
FC Bayern Munich
Digital Champions League: The German championship record holder wows fans worldwide with tailor-made digital experiences.
Online marketplace for groceries: We are creating an adaptable platform for the retail giant EDEKA Nord
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