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What does Total Experience (TX) stand for?

Total Experience stands for the systematic, holistic optimisation of digital experiences for all relevant target groups of a company and creates sustainably better interactions and more transactions.

This makes total experience a successful model for increasing the return on investment (ROI) in digital marketing and reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the digital ecosystem by increasing efficiency.

Comprehensive total experience management includes the optimisation of customer experience (CX), user experience (UX), employee experience (EX) and multi-experience (MX).

  • CX: Customer experience is concerned with the design of customer interactions that fulfil needs and expectations. It thus increases the loyalty of satisfied customers and ensures the expected transaction completion (e.g. purchase).

  • UX: The user experience analyses and designs a needs-oriented user interface and user journey to create targeted interaction and user acceptance for a digital application.

  • EX: The employee experience describes the working environment - ideally geared towards a positive experience for employees. This means that recruiting and retention programmes are optimally supported and contribute to the brand in the same way

  • MX: The multi-experience includes a multidimensional and seamless customer journey, e.g. omnichannel platforms across various devices, interaction types and different channels.

We are convinced that the maximum return on investment from marketing initiatives and optimisation of digital products can only be achieved through an optimal experience and an absolute focus on the needs of specific target groups.

The Total Experience takes into account and optimises all touchpoints and micro-moments. The close interaction of digital experience platforms (DXPs) with persona-centred content and performance marketing campaigns unleashes the maximum potential of your efficiency and reach.

We achieve an effective approach, control and optimisation of all digital communication and marketing measures based on our total experience approach:

  • diva-e TX AI Core

  • other established GenAI tools for content and campaign creation and optimisation

  • Maximum efficiency

  • personalisation

  • Scalability

We develop the right Target Operating Model (TOM) to make your organisation ready for Total Experience. With a customised training concept and diva-e's own eLearning solution, we enable users to use, operate and further develop the platform efficiently in the shortest possible time, thereby achieving an optimal employee experience.

The advantages of a total experience strategy

  • Efficient end-to-end optimisation across all digital touchpoints from a single source - from analysis and design to implementation, monitoring and iterative optimisation.

  • Journey mapping & seamless communication: a holistic approach to digital communication, from persona creation to UX/UI and performance marketing, ensures a consistent and outstanding customer experience. This is how we secure competitive advantages, increasing market shares and the loyalty of your target groups.

  • Integrated offering: initial consideration of key factors for digital success in your business

These factors are relevant for the success of a wide variety of use cases: from a relaunch to a new CMS to a DXP or e-commerce platform. Whether persona-optimised UX and UI concepts, accessibility or performance criteria, paid advertising campaigns or SEO & data requirements: all sub-areas are elementary components of a high-performance overall solution. We utilise these synergies in the development of your digital products and avoid costly re-implementations.

How does your company benefit from Total Experience?

The total experience is more than just a success driver for your branding and marketing strategy. The seamless interaction of our specialist departments from the fields of digital consulting, user experience, SEO and content, paid and data analytics guarantees maximum agility and a focus on the current challenges facing your company.

Would you like to find out more about the potential that Total Experience by diva-e has in store for you?

Our service offer for Total Experience

Total Experience Audit

With our Total Experience Audit, we identify success drivers along all user touchpoints of your brand communication in order to sustainably optimise your ROI in digital business and increase transactions across all relevant touchpoints and interactions with your key target groups.

A total experience audit qualifies your brand presence in terms of target group-centred approach, user experience & accessibility, content quality and SEO compliance across all communication channels. We identify the potential for measurable improvements in terms of awareness, brand interaction and conversion as well as customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Total Experience Trainings & Enablement

Together with your business decision-makers and stakeholders, we develop the right target operating model (TOM) for your organisation to create a clear vision and future-oriented internal and external communication.

Based on diva-e's own eLearning platform, we give your employees the opportunity to share knowledge and information more easily and quickly. We reduce complexity in corporate communication and help to eliminate information islands. In this way, we create the most important basis for a higher interaction rate and measurably greater employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Total Experience KI-Workshop

AI solutions and implementations give your company the opportunity to standardise and speed up numerous routine marketing tasks - without any loss of quality. In our workshop, we will use Chat GPT, Gemini and Co. to show you how text creation for websites (internet, intranet), localisation, customer journey optimisation (UX/UI), image design and SEO tasks can be planned and implemented more efficiently and cost-effectively using prompt frameworks.

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