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Crownpeak (formerly e-Spirit)

diva-e is a digital pioneer in the use of hybrid CMS

As a leading Crownpeak Premier Partner, diva-e has access to the latest technologies from the CMS specialist. Thanks to the successful implementation of the hybrid CMS FirstSpirit in medium-sized businesses and corporate groups, diva-e is the expert for combining content and commerce. diva-e meets the challenges posed by the combination of content and commerce with the No. 1 on the market for the topic of hybrid CMS: FirstSpirit from Crownpeak. Content and commerce are effortlessly linked thanks to the headless architecture and the functions of a traditional enterprise CMS.

Together, Crownpeak and diva-e master large-scale projects in B2B and B2C and ensure more interaction with target groups. As a premier partner, diva-e uses the tool with certified integrations for e-commerce systems such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP Commerce or Spryker as a central building block in omnichannel marketing and commerce.

Since 2012, diva-e has been using FirstSpirit in more than 20 major projects for corporations and upper midsize companies and has already implemented numerous applications for customers such as Talanx, EnBW and HUK-COBURG. diva-e develops complex intranets, international corporate websites, customer portals and commerce solutions with the modern headless architecture of the FirstSpirit CMS.

Digital experience on all channels

The modern headless architecture is characterized by high agility and performance. Ease of use is also maintained through the features of the enterprise-class CMS. With Crownpeak's CMS, diva-e ensures personalized interaction with shoppers and an orchestrated digital experience across all channels. Target group communication is not only done through existing touchpoints, but is easily extended to new channels. Touchpoints such as social media, email, messaging services, websites, PWAs, mobile apps, e-commerce platforms, digital signage and voice assistants are intuitively linked and controlled by the solution and guided to success through the use of AI and KPIs.

Product features of the FirstSpirit Hybrid CMS

  • FirstSpirit on premise or in the cloud (Software as a Service)

  • AI-driven personalization through FirstSpirit ICE (Intelligent Content Engine)

  • Headless architecture through the FirstSpirit CaaS module (Content as a Service)

Advantages of the FirstSpirit Hybrid CMS

Agility: Increase the power of deep integrations to enable rapid connections across the DX ecosystem while enabling content sharing across all touchpoints through headless CMS capabilities.

Empowerment: accessibility of unified sources of content that are also manageable by anyone inside or outside the organization. Empowerment also serves to provide customers with a consistent, inspiring, and relevant digital experience regardless of where or at what stage of the customer journey they are.

Intelligence: scalable personalization of content-driven experiences and the ability to leverage internal, external and behavioral data to increase audience engagement.

With the CMS solution, Crownpeak is again ranked as a Visionary in Gartner's 2019 Magic Quadrant for WCM.

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What is a Hybrid CMS?

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A Hybrid CMS offers all the advantages of a highly flexible headless architecture and combines them with the familiar working environment of a classic CMS. Thus, a Hybrid CMS can provide Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) across all existing and future touchpoints as well as integrate third-party systems, while offering the convenience of an intuitively maintainable content management system.

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What is Content-as-a-Service (CaaS)?

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70% of Internet users consume digital content via more than one screen. CaaS gives you the ability to deliver content to any (mobile) device at any time, providing your customers with a flexible yet personalized shopping experience. For this, CaaS makes content accessible via an API interface and ensures that it can be requested via any frontend. For example, customers are offered the option of completing their purchase, which 67% of customers started on their smartphone, on their laptop.