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Do you feel high pressure to innovate and are you faced with the challenge of keeping up with the digital transformation? You have big plans, but don't know how to put your plans into action? Your IT infrastructure resembles a sprawl and you lack the expertise for a realignment?

We have the answers, because at diva-e, IT strategy and technology go hand in hand - we cover both areas equally in the Competence Center Digital Consulting with a focus on business and technology consulting.

Our services in Technology Consulting

We at Technology Consulting are a team of experienced technology experts, software architects and solution architects and support you in designing a sustainable IT architecture using innovative technology solutions.

For example, we use tried-and-tested models to analyze your system landscape and identify possible weak points. We compare technological solutions, make recommendations and support you in the technology selection process. You benefit from an increase in your investment security and a high return on investment.

Technical evaluation - "The status quo"

As part of an IT assessment, we take an in-depth look at your technological starting position, taking into account your current system landscape. The aim is to provide a solid basis for technological decisions to develop a sustainable target picture.

  • Description of the initial situation and review of the individual digital maturity level

  • Development of a solid basis for the necessary technological decisions to define a target architecture

By commissioning a technical assessment, you can expect the following results from us:

  • Common understanding of existing business goals and technical guidelines

  • Clear description and common understanding of the current system landscape

  • Review and evaluation of the status quo using standardized methods

  • Delivery of our recommendations for your next steps

We analyze the current situation in detail, identify strengths and weaknesses, and show you which specific measures can be used to achieve your goals. An essential prerequisite for a successful audit is the provision by the customer of relevant documents and information, e.g. on the business goals, processes, IT strategy and system landscape or the operating model, including economic key figures. On the basis of all the information obtained, we are able to evaluate your current system landscape with the help of a SWOT analysis or on the basis of other quality criteria or business scenarios, and finally make concrete recommendations for action.

Technical target image – “Designing The Future”

The basis for technical planning for the digital transformation driven by your business goals is the technical target picture. A clear and sustainable target image is crucial for the success of all your digitization projects.

  • Design of a sustainable target picture for your IT landscape, derived from the business goals (IT follows business).

  • Application of current IT architecture principles such as MACH, taking into account relevant system properties in the sense of SQuaRE (ISO 25010).

With the creation of a technical target picture you have:

  • laid the foundation for your digital success.

  • A clear idea of the required as well as desired future system landscape.

  • Your business goals and technology needs aligned.

The derivation of the ideal, individual technical target model is ensured by using current architecture principles (e.g., MACH) while taking into account relevant system properties in the sense of SQuaRE (ISO 25010). Make-or-buy decisions are made on the basis of a TCO consideration and a (vendor/system) selection process is carried out to find the best system solutions for the target model. All decisions are weighed using GAP and SWOT analyses. The system and integration architecture (process and data integration, API management) are designed and the systems, capabilities and infrastructure used are defined.

Technical Planning - "Scheduling The Future"

Technical planning is directly linked to the preceding definition or the existence of a technical target image. Technical planning serves to create an initial roadmap and to roughly estimate the effort required to achieve the respective target image.

  • Planning certainty for achieving the target model

  • Clarity about release management in terms of technical risks, effort and budget

After a joint successful technological planning:

  • you have a rough backlog, a roadmap and a migration plan for the respective project (link to CC PM/Agile)

  • you gain planning security with regard to the required project duration, the expected effort as well as possible technological risks.

  • you are ready for the implementation project.

In order to capture the desired requirements, a rough backlog is first created. Then the migration is clarified in terms of technical risks, effort and budget, and schedule. The concept for data management is defined by identifying the master and transaction data, golden records, data flows, interfaces. Optionally, a proof of concept can be used to minimize the technical risks and verify the assumptions made.

Technical project support - "Building The Future

Once the planning has been completed, it is important to have an expert at your side to support you in the implementation and coordination of the project. In this fourth step, we offer you technical project support to ensure that your planned solution is implemented according to your target vision.

  • Coordination of the implementation

  • Consulting of the implementation team

  • Definition of framework conditions for a future-proof solution and to avoid technical pitfalls

  • Ensuring the architecture principles to achieve the target model

As part of the project support, we ensure that:

  • your solution not only meets your requirements, but also pays off in terms of your technical objectives.

  • Comprehensible decisions are made, documented and communicated during the course of the project.

  • emerging technological risks are identified at an early stage and mitigated by appropriate measures.

In addition, in the role of solution architect, we take on the coordination between the disciplines involved in the project (e.g. frontend, backend, UX/UI, etc.) and can act as both translator of technical requirements and moderator.

Architecture Evaluation - "Challenge Your Architecture

The ATAM method (Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method) is the theoretical basis for evaluating an architecture. We use this methodology to review decisions regarding the selected target architecture based on quality scenarios according to ISO 25010, such as reliability, usability, maintainability, performance and security. Technical and organizational framework conditions as well as legal requirements are also taken into account.

  • Review of the existing architecture on the basis of scenarios within the framework of the proven ATAM method

  • Derivation of trade-off decisions to find the best possible approach for the technological target image

The ATAM method is usually applied in a workshop environment and includes the following steps with the associated results:

  • Defining quality characteristics: At the beginning of the workshop, the quality characteristics that are relevant to the system being evaluated are defined.

  • Creating scenarios: Scenarios are then developed to represent the system in various usage scenarios. These scenarios are used to evaluate the impact of architectural decisions on the quality attributes.

  • Evaluating the architecture: the architecture is evaluated against the scenarios and the impact of architectural decisions on the quality attributes is analyzed.

  • Making Decisions: Based on the assessment, decisions are made to adjust the architecture accordingly.

  • Final report and decision template

Invest in the sustainable future of your IT architecture! Our competent team offers you not only a comprehensive analysis, but also customized services to optimize your system landscape and strengthen your digital competitive advantage.

Rely on our expertise to understand your IT infrastructure and implement efficient solutions and maximize existing resources.

Benefit from our many years of expertise in technology consulting - contact us now

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