Retail giant shops with diva-e

diva-e has developed a platform for online food retailing for EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Nord GmbH. The e-food platform ensures a good customer experience and increased transactions in digital commerce.

  • Technical implementation and connection

  • Customised solutions for individual requirements

  • More flexibility through agile working methods

Project Metrics
15 participating developers
69 sprints
1,040 closed tickets

Customisable e-food platform

The goal of the joint project of diva-e and EDEKA Nord is an adaptable online platform that covers the individual requirements of independent retailers and can be connected to existing systems such as the merchandise management system, the image database and the product information system.


Comprehensive in-house developments

The specialists at diva-e developed the EDEKA online platform based on the open-source CMS Hippo/BloomReach and the store solution Konakart, which was supplemented with extensive in-house developments.

In addition, the search solution Solr was integrated as well as EDEKA's own merchandise management system EBUSwin, the Canto Cumulus image database and the EDEKA internal product information system.

For more flexibility, diva-e and EDEKA Nord used the agile project management method Scrum during the development and realization of the online store.


Scalable platform

Taking into account the connection to existing systems, diva-e developed a customizable online platform for EDEKA Nord. The special focus was always on the scalability and performance of the developed solution.

In addition to implementing the online store, which is tailored to the needs of the end consumer, diva-e implemented an administration interface for the stores. This enables the independent store managers of EDEKA Nord to connect their store and offer their assortment for sale. The merchants can maintain their assortment individually and carry out store administration and order processing. For example, delivery areas and payment options can be entered individually via the e-commerce platform.

Even after the go-live, diva-e is responsible for the permanent further development and expansion of the EDEKA online store.

diva-e impressed us with their project experience and technological expertise during the tendering phase. During the project, we also benefited from their employee’s extensive Scrum know-how and together, using an agile approach, we were able to create a completely new platform, which can potentially be made available in the future to all retailers in the EDEKA network interested in cross-channel.
Jannes ReimersEDEKA ZENTRALE AG & Co. KG

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