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Open up new markets and target groups with accessibility and set an example for inclusion in the digital space!

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Open up new markets and target groups with accessibility and set an example for inclusion in the digital space!

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Digital accessibility by 2025!

The diva-e accessibility audit is the first step towards making your online presence accessible to new markets and target groups, thereby not only ensuring greater inclusion online, but also increasing your sales. Not only new target groups, but also existing customers benefit from useful features and the optimised user experience.

For many websites that are published after 28 June 2025, there are new legally prescribed accessibility standards - digital accessibility will no longer be optional.

If you cannot answer yes to just one of these questions, the diva-e Accessibility Audit is relevant for you:

  • Does your website fulfil the BITV guidelines?

  • Is your website optimised for the use of different input devices?

  • Do you have an overview of the accessibility of your web components?

  • Does your team feel confident in dealing with the topic of accessibility?

  • Are you well prepared for the upcoming Accessibility Reinforcement Act (BFSG), which comes into force in Germany on 28 June 2025?

Choose between three audit packages:

Choose between three audit packages:

Tabelle Audits im Vergleich

The Quick Audit aims to determine the accessibility status quo of your website. We analyse a page template of your choice and provide you with a summary of the audit results. These are accompanied by a management summary with the most important findings and areas for action - prepared for decision-makers.

In addition to the services included in the quick audit, the detailed audit includes a cost-benefit matrix tailored to your improvement potential. This is designed to support you in the creation of corresponding implementation tickets. Important tips and further links are listed in order to further reduce the hurdle to implementing inclusive features and to realise them efficiently. The detailed audit also contains a detailed overview of the results based on the audited page templates and components.

Our Enterprise Accessibility Support aims to create a comprehensive inclusive online presence. The support starts with analysing possible areas for action and extends to the concrete development of individual features as part of your development team. Our diva-e accessibility experts will be happy to guide and support you along your digital value chain.

The advantages of digital accessibility

An accessibility audit uncovers problem areas. Based on this, measures can be implemented that enable people with permanent or temporary disabilities to use the website without any problems - this is the first step towards a more inclusive and equal user experience.

Improving accessibility leads to an all-round better usability of the website, as the same principles that help people with disabilities also make digital orientation easier for other users.

Accessibility allows websites to appeal to a wider audience - including people with disabilities and older people who may need specialised assistive technology.

Many countries have laws and regulations that govern the accessibility of websites. An accessibility audit helps to categorise the current status quo and can thus avoid potential problems in accordance with your own legal department. In Germany, the Barrierefreiheitsstärkungsgesetz (BFSG), which is the implementation of EU Directive 2019/882, comes into force on 28 June 2025.

Non-compliance with accessibility standards can lead to fines or other legal sanctions. An accessibility audit helps to identify potential risks at an early stage and minimise dangers in advance.

Accessible websites often offer a better user experience, which can have a positive impact on search engine rankings.

An accessible website demonstrates the company's commitment to social responsibility and inclusion, which improves its image and credibility.

By considering accessibility from the outset and carrying out regular audits, you can ensure that the website remains compatible with new standards and technologies in the future.

An accessible website can set you apart from the competition, especially in industries where accessibility is not yet widespread.

Ultimately, ensuring accessibility on the Internet is also a question of ethical responsibility and respect for all users, regardless of their abilities.

You can find out more details about the Accessibility Act and the resulting benefits for providers and users from our accessibility expert Miriam Bah in our LinkedIn interview.

What test criteria are the audits based on?

Our accessibility audit and the associated accessibility testing is based on the Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV) 2.0, which results in the necessary test steps for checking conformity using the referenced points from the European Standard (EN) 301 549 and the international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2.

How does the audit work?

After we have recorded your requirements in the first kick-off meeting, you choose one of the three audit packages. If you have opted for the Quick or Detailed Audit, you simply tell us the templates and components to be audited at the start. Based on this, our accessibility experts will begin the auditing process. Both automatic and manual checks are carried out based on the test criteria described above. Possible accessibility gaps are recorded and subsequently processed for you depending on the audit package. You can also talk to our experts to clarify any queries you may have regarding detailed information or general questions of understanding.

We are your partner for digital accessibility!

We would be happy to accompany you on your way to an accessible online presence, from the initial analysis through to subsequent implementation and continuous monitoring. Please use the form below and let us take the first steps together - we look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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