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Grafik AI Hub, Partner und Mitarbeitende

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Grafik AI Hub, Partner und Mitarbeitende

The rapid development of Generative AI has significantly accelerated digital transformation in companies worldwide. Many organizations face the challenge of recognizing the potential of Artificial Intelligence and effectively leveraging it for their specific needs. What value can AI-based solutions bring to your business? We want to offer the best possible solution for you—with a unique approach. 

The diva-e AI Hub 

The diva-e AI Hub is an exclusive and unique answer to working in a rapidly changing digital landscape by using solutions from B2B tech startups which are already proven in the market. All diva-e clients from retail, financial industries and manufacturing & automotive as well as other industries can benefit from our unique combination of matchmaking and implementation services. 

Benefit from our AI Hub

diva-e leverages the innovation potential of many startups in our AI Startup Hub ecosystem to develop and deliver best-of-breed solutions that are unmatched in terms of both speed of deployment and quality of service. We combine technology push and market pull to find the right startups to drive established enterprise companies forward.

Grafik Generative AI drives transformation

What we offer 

Working with startups has one distinct benefit: the founders of startups concentrate on exactly one problem that they want to solve in the best and most efficient way possible. If you want a state-of-the-art solution that is based on the latest research in tech, startups are an ideal partner. Our startup pool covers the three main topics: 

Content Creation
  • Efficiency  

    Thanks to AI, texts, visuals and even videos can be created quickly and accurately.   

  • Consistency  

    Generative AI learns from instructions and implements learned knowledge - ensuring a consistent style and tone of your content in the long term. 

  • Personalisation  

    AI content can be automatically adapted to the individual preferences and specific demands of your target group. 

Marketing and Advertising Technologies
  • Target group identification  

    AI enables precise analysis of consumer data to create customised marketing messages.  

  • Automation  

    AI-supported automation allows repetitive workflows to take place automatically.  

  • Real-time analytics  

    AI is able to analyse real-time data. This enables faster responses to trends in order to optimise strategies. 

Process Efficiency
  • Automation of repetitive tasks  

    AI automates repetitive and time-consuming workflows, saving human resources for more complex tasks.  

  • Data processing  

    AI enables fast and precise processing of large amounts of data in real time.  

  • Continuous optimisation  

    Through machine learning, AI can analyse processes, identify patterns and continuously improve itself. 

How can the diva-e AI Hub be used?

Venture Clienting gives you access to highly specialized AI-based solutions - offered by startups, complemented by diva-e's integration expertise. Our AI consultants enable rapid AI integration by identifying the key AI use cases within your project and processes and ensuring a comprehensive end-to-end integration. By combining multiple AI solutions, the diva-e AI Hub increases content quality, improves efficiency and creates real added value.

Grafik Operating Model AI Hub

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