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Our specialists in data analytics support you in analyzing and interpreting, intelligently managing and optimizing all company-related data. In doing so, we uncover potential opportunities as well as challenges. In addition, we help you to introduce and build up customized solutions around "Business Intelligence (BI)" in your company.

Make informed, data-based decisions with us and ensure sustainable growth and a strong competitive advantage. Our experts in the field of data analytics & business intelligence provide you with comprehensive advice in the area of data - so that you can optimally align your business and your customer approach.

Our services for Data Analytics & BI Consulting

Data Collection: Bring your data together for targeted analysis

Every day, your company collects data with different applications. From social media to advertising to the newsletter tool you use. All of these applications store data that is usually viewed separately from one another. However, targeted analyses are only possible when all the information is brought together in one tool - the data collection.

Our service: Simple integration at the push of a button in a central tool.

We enable comprehensive data collection through simple integration at the push of a button. As a result, you have all information from marketing and sales channels stored in one tool at the click of a button - directly ready for analysis and evaluation!

Our diva-e data experts support you in setting up and configuring web tracking solutions, for example Google Analytics, Matomo, Adobe Analytics, Etracker or Open Web Analytics. We also offer custom connectors to CRM systems such as Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive or Highrise, to ERP systems such as SAP BusinessOne, Sage 100, Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as to customer data platforms. Through our strong technology partnerships, we also offer plugins to various store systems such as Magento, Spryker, Hybris, Oxid or Intershop. The connection of social media systems is another option, just like the installation of Google Tag Manager.

Our tools: The best tracking tools on the market

To support you in efficient and intelligent data collection, our Data Analytics & BI Consulting uses the tracking tools SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 for customer journey tracking, Adobe Analytics as well as Google Analytics 360. For effective (Big) Data Management, data collection from various source systems and visualization, we rely on the BI platform Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Your result: Get the most out of your data

The more data you combine during data collection, the better conclusions you can draw from it. Whether it's web tracking, advertising, social media, or newsletters - capture and aggregate data from all your marketing and e-commerce channels to get the most out of your data. Say goodbye to tool-dependent data silos and establish smooth collaboration across departmental boundaries through uniform data management.

Data Interpretation: Understand your users and optimize your business

How do you plan your marketing and sales campaigns? Freely based on your gut or based on data? With our many years of experience in data analytics & BI consulting, we show you how to optimize your marketing channels based on real data. For example, when is the best time to send a newsletter? We help you find data-based solutions. Optimize all your marketing activities with our data interpretation - from the budget spent to the campaign content to your SEO content and the associated keywords. With targeted actions based on deep user data analysis, you can quickly take targeted actions and increase your online sales.

Our service: Data-based optimization measures

Sound customer journey mapping and marketing mix analyses are the basis for our optimization proposals. Our diva-e experts support you in improving your newsletter content and selecting the ideal dispatch time to address your relevant target group in an efficient and targeted manner. As a Transactional Experience Partner, we provide you with ongoing, sustainable support for your projects.

Your result: Use your marketing budget profitably

Reduce ineffective marketing spend with our help. Use your budget wisely through sound data interpretation and improve conversion rates, shopping cart values and your lead generation. Together, we develop efficient measures in the area of data analytics & BI consulting and thus help you to achieve individual goals and increase the success of your marketing measures.

Data Visualization: Draw the right conclusions from your data

You're already collecting the data you need, why not make the most of it? The biggest challenge for companies is to put the collected data into a meaningful context. Another hurdle in Data Analytics & BI Consulting is the selection of important data. All business units have different requirements. We help you to introduce Business Intelligence (BI) in your company and to draw the right conclusions from your data with Data Visualization.

Our service: Selection and implementation of business intelligence solutions

Our diva-e data experts not only advise you on the selection of BI systems, but are also happy to take on the design and implementation of BI solutions. We create reporting concepts for your transparent business analytics and support you in the conception of dashboards and information design.

Our tools: Strong partner BI suites and in-house developments

We use various business intelligence solutions from strong partners as well as in-house developments. With tableau, we offer you a self-service BI suite for Office Style dashboard creation. We use Microsoft Power BI as an enterprise-ready BI suite. Qlik Sense Enterprise is ideal for use as an Enterprise Ready BI suite for (Big) Data Management with Data Catalyst. With our proprietary developments, we provide you with additional powerful BI solutions.

Your result: Easy-to-understand dashboards for data-driven decisions

A deep understanding of user behavior is the foundation for optimizing all your marketing and sales activities. Make sense of your data with data visualization. Create clear and easy-to-understand dashboards for all areas of your business. By visualizing and analyzing the data you collect, you can identify patterns and pinpoint areas for improvement. This makes it even easier to measure the success of your campaigns, optimize landing pages, and target users. Enable decision-makers to see all the important information at a glance and respond to it quickly.

Channel Optimization: Optimize your marketing channels in the long term - with the help of data

Optimize your channels based on the real behavior of your users. With Channel Optimization, you can optimize your marketing and sales channels in the long term and address your relevant target group. Use your collected data for well-founded forecasts to derive recommendations for action for future marketing and sales activities.

Our service: Determining the optimal budget allocation

We derive well-founded forecasts and optimization measures from in-depth data analyses. Past values form the basis of our recommendations for future marketing and sales activities. Using the insights gathered from your channels, diva-e's experts show you what the optimal budget allocation for your business looks like.

Your result: long-term optimization of your marketing channels

The goal of Channel Optimization is to optimize your marketing channels sustainably and long-term with the help of data. In this way, you achieve the best possible use of your marketing channels. Together with our diva-e experts in the field of data analytics & business intelligence, you can determine which channels are really profitable for your company and in which channels you should invest less marketing budget.

diva-e took care of the integration of a commerce system into the SAP landscape and developed a self-service portal for customers.
diva-e begleitet Weleda seit mehreren Jahren auf dem Weg der digitalen Transformation. Als großer Meilenstein der Digitaloffensive ging im Februar 2024 der Online-Shop in Deutschland live.
diva-e and dmTECH set new standards in software development and digital consulting.
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mit Composable Commerce auf die Erfolgswelle
diva-e creates a unique B2B ordering experience through the online platform of the global glass market leader.
diva-e gets Vergölst's customer approach rolling by optimizing existing customer contact with Adobe Campaign.
diva-e mapped the entire digital value chain in the project with the Talanx Group for the relaunch of the corporate website and the new career portal.
diva-e develops a scalable and future-proof architecture and integrates it into the already existing backend systems.
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diva-e developed a new state-of-the-art website with emotional design for Hertha BSC.
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diva-e guides steel giant Klöckner through digitalisation and realises online shops with marketplace function.
FC Bayern Munich
Digital Champions League: The German championship record holder wows fans worldwide with tailor-made digital experiences.
Online marketplace for groceries: We are creating an adaptable platform for the retail giant EDEKA Nord
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