Product success through personalization

The German energy company E.ON offers its customers customized offers for every need. To place campaigns on the website in a targeted and attention-grabbing way, E.ON relies on the Adobe Target expertise of digital partner diva-e. A/B tests, personalization and Next Best Actions (NBAs) are the basis for successful campaigns, which diva-e's digital experts use to optimize the energy provider's online presence. Now more than ever, the focus is on the individual website user, for whom E.ON finds and displays the most suitable offers directly.


Years of successful cooperation


Uplift on contract wins through A/B testing


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Personalization campaigns


Personalization with Adobe Target

The energy market is highly competitive. To target customers according to their individual intentions and needs and deliver personalized offers from product areas such as electricity, gas, or heating, E.ON relies on a website with an outstanding user experience.

E.ON's goal is to develop digital experiences for different user segments along the customer journey, thus creating a customer-specific targeting of campaigns. The energy provider gains important insights into the behavior of real users by using Adobe Target.

With personalization campaigns - often based on previous A/B/n tests - diva-e and E.ON aim to jointly increase the relevance of website content as well as user satisfaction through a target group-specific approach and operation.

The energy group wants to achieve a positive product and brand perception and sustainably optimize the digital customer experience. The focus is also on improving marketing activities and service aspects.


Adobe Target liefert Insights zu Nutzern

Together with diva-e, E.ON gains insights into user behavior. This real data forms the basis for the energy group's strategic decisions. Based on the insights, relevant and personalized content is determined for different user groups and played out to them.

diva-e uses the platform-agnostic framework Target from diva-e's technology partner Adobe, which is used to create and play out A/B tests and customer-specific content. The most successful variants were determined in more than 150 target campaigns and then used permanently on the website.

Target serves as a source of insight into the behavior of E.ON users: As a 24/7 decision engine as well as API provider and AI tool, Adobe Target delivers automated personalization recommendations at audience level. The tests are a valuable support for large-volume decisions about new features and regarding strategic or sales orientation.

Test scenarios included UX and website functionalities: E.ON and diva-e take into account which product convinces more users and jointly validate marketing concepts, such as the "Good/Better/Best" approach for product placements. As part of personalization measures, the most relevant content is presented to customer segments in order to best contribute to the KPIs defined by E.ON.

The "Next-Best-Action" campaign, which was awarded 2nd place at the Adobe Experience Awards in 2019, represents a milestone in this context. Based on pseudonymized customer data transferred from the CRM to Adobe Target, diva-e Adobe experts worked with E.ON to develop an automated, programmatic playout of nearly 100 different pieces of content. Data-driven prioritization of actions ensures that relevant content is integrated in the right place on the website.

diva-e also carried out soft launches with Adobe Target, helping E.ON to introduce a completely new sales channel, while constantly taking into account parallel function and load tests.


Sales increase by better UX

Through testing and personalization, E.ON and diva-e succeed in delivering tailored content and experiences for different user segments along the entire customer journey. Targeting specific user groups improves the user experience of E.ON customers, which also leads to repeated use of E.ON products and repeat website visitors. This increases customer loyalty and results in a priceless referral rate among customers. This can generate more traffic, lower bounce rates, more conversions, and higher shopping carts, ultimately helping E.ON significantly increase revenue.

Adobe Target provides diva-e and E.ON with important insights into the behavior of a large number of real E.ON customers. The targeted optimizations lead to an improvement in the customer experience along the entire customer journey. In addition, user satisfaction increases due to the targeted individual messages during each website visit. The optimized user experience has a positive impact on E.ON's business success. The optimized campaign playout generates additional deals, so that an increase in sales is the result of the collaboration between E.ON and diva-e. In addition, this solution allows user-friendly and cost-efficient adaptation of existing and future campaigns.

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