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Why diva-e Campus

You want to start your career in the digital world? Focused, well-founded and without unnecessary loops? Then the diva-e Campus is exactly what you're looking for. For graduates and newcomers alike: Our diva-e Campus training programs provide you with the know-how you need to participate in digital projects. You will train in a permanent position at diva-e, free of charge and with full salary. And you have access to the industry's top know-how based on cutting-edge technologies used by major companies worldwide. Become a sought-after expert and accelerate your career in the digital space.

In our training programs you will be trained as:

  • Frontend or Backend Developer

  • Cloud Engineer

  • E-Commerce Developer (Spryker)

  • Adobe AEM Developer (Frontend / Backend)

  • Salesforce Consultant

  • Concentrated expertise
  • Sound, individualized training program
  • Attractive conditions
  • Blended Learning
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You work for one of the market leaders in digital business. Our employees who do work in day-to-day business also coach and train you. Thanks to their extensive experience they are experts in their respective fields.

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You choose the right specialization for yourself. We tailor your training precisely to your future professional practice. Thus, you can seamlessly enter our project world and gain practical experience in exciting projects after successfully completing your training.

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You start with a permanent employment contract right from the beginning. diva-e pays for your training and basic salary.

The training program is based on a combination of different learning formats: self-studying, coaching, theory and practical work. This way, you will raise your skill level fast and soundly in the field you have chosen. The sessions take place both digitally and face-to-face. You'll be an Adobe, Salesforce or Cloud professional in no time.

Overivew of the diva-e Campus

With its academies, the diva-e Campus offers you an outstanding foundation for the start of your digital career. You will learn in an environment with a high level of practical relevance. Thanks to the optimal mix of different learning methods (blended learning), you will get to practice quickly alongside your peers and will put a steep learning curve behind you. You will always be mentored and coached by experts and therefore learn from the best in their field.

This will enable you to move directly into "real" project work after a short training period. You will turn our customers into digital champions there by the use of the solutions we develop.

Voices on our campus programs:

The Spryker Academy is well thought out and structured. All topics build on each other in a meaningful way. The daily schedule is designed to simulate a real work environment. Gradually, participants are introduced to the tech stack in a Scrum-like manner.

The Spryker Academy was an invaluable resource for me as a Junior Developer. It provided a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience, covering both the user and developer aspects of Spryker, as well as valuable tools and technologies such as git, scrum, and docker. Additionally, the focus on clean code practices and useful programming patterns helped me to become a more efficient and effective developer. The opportunity to communicate and collaborate with experienced developers provided a real-world perspective that was extremely beneficial for my professional growth.

The Spryker Academy was a valuable step in my professional journey as a junior developer just out of school. The dedicated mentors provided comprehensive training on the Spryker platform, as well as other essential technologies and the art of effective communication and presentation. This equipped me with the necessary skills to have a strong start and tackle new challenges.

For me, as a career changer, diva-e Campus was a perfect opportunity to establish myself in the industry. Being accompanied by a coach during the career entry and being able to work in a small group of like-minded people made learning much easier than I had expected.

The Spryker Academy is well thought out and structured. All topics build on each other in a meaningful way. The daily schedule is designed to simulate a real work environment. Gradually, participants are introduced to the tech stack in a Scrum-like manner.

"Learning is an experience. Everything else is simply information."
Albert EinsteinThanks to our modern teaching approach, the strong practical orientation and highly specialized programs, you will be picked up holistically, have a great work experience and can later throw yourself into project work confidently.
Content of the training programs

In diva-e Campus you will learn all the important methods and competencies of your chosen field. Whether technologies, soft skills or quality awareness: Our campus programs offer a 360° view of everything you will need in your project work later at diva-e.

diva-e campus programs in detail
  • Training program for AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) frontend and backend developers

  • Training objective: Fundamentals of software development with AEM and the Adobe Experience Cloud

  • Future projects: Develop marketing and commerce solutions using Adobe Experience Cloud

  • Content includes Adobe, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Experience Cloud, docker, GitLab, Java, etc.

  • Training duration: 1 month

  • Participants: 4 - 8

  • Training program for software developers

  • Training objective: "Salesforce Certified Administrator" certification

  • Future projects: Development of sales, service, marketing and commerce solutions based on Salesforce

  • Contents include Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Training duration: 2 months

  • Participants: 1 – 5

  • Training program for eCommerce developers on behalf of Spryker

  • Training objective: Basics of software development and handling of the eCommerce system Spryker

  • Future projects: Development of digital eCommerce solutions with Spryker.

  • Contents: Docker, GIT, PHP, debugging, testing and bug fixing, agile software development with Scrum, Spryker features (Antelope, product handling, calculator, OMS etc.)

  • Training duration: 2 months

  • Training language: German or English

  • Participants: 4 – 8

  • Training program for frontend developers

  • Training objective: Basics of software development and frontend frameworks

  • Future projects: Development of (headless) frontend solutions and apps

  • Contents include GIT, HTML, CSS, Atomic Design with Figma, Typescript, Vue.js, Accessibility

  • Training duration: 3 months

  • Training language: German or English

  • Participants: 5 – 6

  • Training program for Cloud Administrators

  • Training objective: Cloud Basics and Application Management Fundamentals for every Cloud environment (Azure, AWS, Google)

  • Future projects: Operation of digital platforms

  • Contents include Docker, GitLab, Linux, Ansible, Terraform, kubernetes

  • Training duration: 1 month

  • Training language: German or English

  • Participants: 3 – 9

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We are particularly proud of our corporate culture. Respect, trust and responsibility are lived in our teams in their daily interaction - and that goes beyond the workplace.

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