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Authentic, search engine optimized content, together with a tailored SEO strategy, is of central importance in online marketing. High-quality content has been proven to achieve significantly higher conversions than "mass texts" and ensures stronger customer loyalty in the long term.

It is therefore all the more surprising that the relevance of well-crafted content and a targeted content marketing strategy is often underestimated or that content production falls victim to a rigid cost-cutting policy. In both the B2C and B2B sectors, digital content is playing an increasingly central role as the first point of contact with the customer and is the number one conversion driver.

First-class researched and prepared content creates trust among the target group and differentiates your brand from the competition. High performance content increases the time spent on a website and the interaction rate on social media channels. High-performance content increases awareness and boosts likeability. At the same time, it reduces the bounce rate and ensures top rankings on Google.

diva-e sets standards as a content agency

Good, authentic content is a professional matter. To ensure that "content is king" is not just a phrase, we at diva-e rely on a strong team of over 30 editorially trained in-house writers and editors. They work closely with our specialists in SEO, UX and CMS development, with a deep understanding of SEO and the user journey in all audiovisual content formats. Our concentrated content expertise is complemented by a permanent pool of over 250 international authors from all conceivable disciplines and industries.

Whether it's search engine optimized product texts, informative guidebook content, category texts, technical articles, explanatory videos, infographics or consulting on content strategies, editorial processes or international content rollout: Our holistic approach guarantees you maximum added value for optimal transaction results as well as sustainable customer loyalty as part of your digital corporate communication!

Introducing the diva-e content team

First-class content is our passion! Get to know the experts in our content team and learn all about our concentrated online marketing know-how.

The content portfolio of diva-e

Content strategy

A tailored content strategy is the basis for more visitors, more sales and better rankings.

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SEO texts

SEO texts that are rated as first-class by your visitors as well as by Google are the prerequisite for successful online marketing.

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Content audit

An SEO content audit reveals strengths and potentials of your website and how to improve your brand presence.

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Inspiring customers with content & commerce, driving business forward sustainably

Why an e-commerce platform alone is not enough for this and why a content commerce strategy is so valuable for your business success and has a significant positive impact on your customer relationships? See for yourself.

Digital branding

Convincing branding starts with the right content. Sustainable success requires strategy and planning.

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E-commerce content

Customized texts for online stores and e-commerce sites are crucial for purchases, returns, customer loyalty and good rankings.

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Content hubs

Increase your digital visibility with customized content hubs for added expertise and authority.

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High performance content

High performance content is content that inspires your target group and ensures top positions in Google. We explain the rules of the game for high performance content.

Editing on demand

Counteract editorial bottlenecks and rely on our editorial team for professional content creation.

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SEO content workshops

With our content workshops, we show you how to optimally prepare content for specific target groups and create relevance for Google.

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Content seeding

We promote your content across all social media channels, via online PR or launch customized influencer collaborations for you.

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Gender-sensitive language

Corporate communications that appeal to everyone and exclude no one promote an inclusive corporate culture and positively shape the company's image.

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International SEO content

Maximize your global reach and relevance in international markets with high-performance multilingual SEO content.

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AI content

From strategies for using artificial intelligence in the content environment to custom LLMs for knowledge management and custom content generation.

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Successfully mastering content challenges

Digitalization and the emergence of younger, digitally native target groups mean that companies are facing ever greater challenges, including in the area of content. It is often overlooked that content in digital offerings today takes the place of the classic salesperson. In order to reach potential new customers in the long term and to retain existing customers in the long term, it is essential to focus on meaningful, value-added content.

Long gone are the days when it was enough to simply pack "the right keywords" into a quickly created text. Google and other search engines have developed enormously to provide users with the most relevant and best content search results. Today, the value and credibility of the content in every digital presence are important. Not least in order to be able to successfully reflect the ever faster changing customer needs and customer behavior.

Empty words or "keyword stuffing" no longer help anyone these days. It is important to produce high-quality texts, including appealing images, graphics and video material tailored to the target group, in order to sustainably increase the length of time users spend on a site and the chance of conversions. In addition to classic, transactionally oriented content such as product texts, informative content is increasingly becoming a top priority in order to increase the visibility and findability of one's own offers.

Customers are looking for information first, not products

Content hubs play a central role in the information segment. They not only make it possible to optimally map the end customer's problem. Thanks to their structuring effect, they also offer interesting entry points for new customers who could previously only be served in niche areas with long-tail keywords.

Customers are primarily looking for answers to their questions and problems, not for specific products. They must first recognize themselves and their situation, in order to recognize the need for a concretely offered product for themselves in the next step. Strategically planned content hubs as well as informative, pictorial and emotional content - ideally initially free of advertising content - offer optimal touchpoints for providing extensive online advice and then gently but effectively guiding them into a sales funnel.

And so it goes on ...

Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about the potential of outstanding, data-driven content!

Oliver Ibelshäuser, Katrin Futterknecht and the entire team look forward to your call or e-mail.

Common questions & answers about content

Content, content marketing, and a profitable content marketing strategy go hand in hand with SEO and a company's SEO strategy. Content does not compete with SEO, but both complement each other perfectly. That's why our content experts always work with data-driven content SEO analyses and closely with our SEO specialists to deliver the best possible results that sustainably increase your conversion rate and thus your sales.

Just like SEO, content can be mapped in a measurable way using jointly defined KPIs. It is important that an optimal set of content keywords is determined during content planning based on data-driven analyses of the search behavior of your target group and your search engine-based competitors. The primary goal here is to analyze the language of your customers in detail. It makes little sense to include interesting content on a website that users are neither looking for nor interested in.

The most common content formats include:

  1. Product texts that transparently present the function as well as advantages and disadvantages of your products.

  2. Category texts that offer your customers entry options and orientation regarding your product areas.

  3. Informative texts that take up background information and customer needs and guide them to the right product via concrete problems.

  4. Blog or magazine articles and podcasts that, like informative texts, provide further context as well as information and advice about your offering.

  5. E-books, whitepapers, and case studies that explain your products in practical terms.

  6. Checklists and infographics that add value to your brand and products.

  7. Tutorial videos that present complex problems quickly, simply and understandably.

Trends in content marketing include the integration of moving images (videos) and podcasts. Video content is on the rise, especially explainer videos, which can be used to present complex issues in a simple and entertaining way. Pillar content, which presents complex topics holistically, offers added value and orientation for the reader, and refers to all thematically relevant subpages of your digital presence, is also in vogue.

A good content agency is more than just a collection of freelance writers. diva-e relies on journalistically trained professionals who have systematically learned their craft over the years. They are proficient in current SEO and content SEO tools to identify the content that actually interests your target group. A high degree of strategic planning as well as close cooperation with all other trades within the digital value chain is a matter of course for us, as is the ability to scale content production at any time. All these aspects distinguish diva-e as a holistic partner for the transactional capability of your offerings.

A frequent question is why content should be purchased at a high price when you can have texts everywhere "for little money". Let's put this question another way: In order to successfully sell your high-quality product, would you use trained sales personnel who are suitable for the target group, or would you rely on unskilled personnel? It is not very effective to look at the penny when it comes to content, because it is the first salesperson on the digital front on your website! Producing good and profitable content is a craft that requires a high level of knowledge, talent and strategy. As a content agency, diva-e offers you just the right mix of services to meet these complex requirements. We are able to scale content creation to meet your needs at any time without sacrificing quality.

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diva-e took care of the integration of a commerce system into the SAP landscape and developed a self-service portal for customers.
diva-e begleitet Weleda seit mehreren Jahren auf dem Weg der digitalen Transformation. Als großer Meilenstein der Digitaloffensive ging im Februar 2024 der Online-Shop in Deutschland live.
diva-e and dmTECH set new standards in software development and digital consulting.
Boards & More Group
mit Composable Commerce auf die Erfolgswelle
diva-e creates a unique B2B ordering experience through the online platform of the global glass market leader.
diva-e gets Vergölst's customer approach rolling by optimizing existing customer contact with Adobe Campaign.
diva-e mapped the entire digital value chain in the project with the Talanx Group for the relaunch of the corporate website and the new career portal.
diva-e develops a scalable and future-proof architecture and integrates it into the already existing backend systems.
Hertha BSC
diva-e developed a new state-of-the-art website with emotional design for Hertha BSC.
Klöckner & co
diva-e guides steel giant Klöckner through digitalisation and realises online shops with marketplace function.
FC Bayern Munich
Digital Champions League: The German championship record holder wows fans worldwide with tailor-made digital experiences.
Online marketplace for groceries: We are creating an adaptable platform for the retail giant EDEKA Nord
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