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Content Creation

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Professional texts, image worlds and videos for your first-class brand presence

Unique, targeted content on your website and social media channels is still the key to success for your online business. Top rankings on Google, high engagement on your pages and an increasing conversion rate - all this is only possible if you inspire your target group for your products, services and benefits via content.

Very important: content is much more than just text creation. Content means all content that your target group expects and needs to interact with your brand. For example, infographics, videos and gamification modules. As an experienced content marketing agency, we are at your side for all tasks related to the topic of "content".

Our service: Editorial for your content

During content production, we’re with you every step of the way, providing the specialists needed at every stage.

Research: Content Marketing Management research relevant subjects and keywords based on data-centric tools and current trends.

Brief: Based on the brief and sample texts, Editorial Management agree with you on the appropriate tone for content creation thereby ensuring consistent copy.

Production: Specialist copywriters create professional content with added value based on these specifications.

Proofreading: Before content is passed on to you, it goes through in-depth orthography, grammar and plagiarism checks.

CMS input: Inputting content into the CMS is often another time-consuming step which we would be delighted to take over or make easier for you. • Image research We can help with the selection of suitable images.

International texts: We can help with your internationalisation through our international team.

Our tools: International Editorial Managers

Website internationalisation is a difficult task. For example, 1:1 translations tend to be cumbersome and can even deter potential customers. We therefore take a different approach to internationalisation and only employ mother-tongue Editorial Manager and copywriters from the respective country. In this way, the entire production process runs in the local language you require.

At the same time, we also cover language areas so that you can order localised content for Switzerland or Austria, for example.

We offer the following languages:

  • German (D/A/CH)

  • English (US/UK)

  • French

  • Polish

  • Dutch

  • Swedish

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • other languages on request

For competitive content, data-centric analysis as well as WDF*IDF optimisation of copy are available on request. This takes into account competitors currently in the top 10 ranking and provides for better ranking potential with Google & Co.

Our editorial process

Our tried-and-tested editorial process forms the basis for the smooth running and success of your content measures.

If the creation of graphic elements or interactive content is involved, further steps may be necessary.

Content marketing management takes care of the conceptual groundwork for text creation. We research topics and keywords on a data-based basis using tools developed in-house and external tools.

The briefing is "the" central document for content creation. It bundles all project requirements and serves as a binding basis for content production. In this way, we guarantee you consistent text quality. Our project management team works with you to develop this guideline, which includes tonality and wording as well as text structure and specifications for search engine optimization. The coordination texts provide a first, concrete impression and make it possible to identify and eliminate inaccuracies in the input or challenges in the research.

Before you receive the content we create, it goes through several quality assurance phases. This includes a check of spelling, grammar and punctuation, a manual check of the other briefing specifications (including tonality/style, formalities) and a technical check of the content. Another important factor is the uniqueness of all texts (keyword: "unique content"), which is guaranteed by our plagiarism check integrated in the system. Automated quality controls and our so-called 6-eyes principle ensure consistently high quality.

Entering the content into the CMS is often a further, time-consuming step, which we are happy to take off your hands. This can be done automatically via an interface (API) between our editorial system and your content management system; alternatively, we can support you with manual maintenance.

You can support your texts with meaningful imagery. Unfortunately, the search for appealing image material often proves to be laborious. We would be happy to research the right images for your company according to your specifications.

And so it goes on...

Content helps you achieve your short- and long-term marketing goals. To minimize your content creation efforts, eliminate bottlenecks, and successfully implement your content formats, we're your go-to resource. Contact us today! We'll be happy to take the load off your shoulders - for efficient content marketing.