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SEO Keyword Research

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As an online marketer or website owner, it is essential to know the right keywords to be found in the search engines. Our keyword research is for example after a seo pitch the first step in search engine optimization and can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful online presence. By identifying the relevant keywords and targeting them on your landing pages, you can increase your click-through rate and attract potential customers to your website with the right search behavior. To make your online presence a complete success, we introduce you to our keyword research! Stand out from your competitors in the SERPs!

Identify demand

Identify demand for products or services.

Identification of the keyword gaps

Which topics are not yet occupied, but should be?

Search Intention-Content Matching

Recommendations for the existing or new information architecture of the website are created for the client.

Content strategy

Prioritized derivation of a content strategy by our SEO specialists.


The briefings contain the most important keywords as well as user questions to be answered, which should be integrated on the landing page.

Placement of keywords

In the briefing, recommendations are given for the placement of the corresponding keywords (e.g. in headlines or metadata).

Interpretation of keyword-related KPIs

With our many years of market experience, we interpret your keyword-related key performance indicators.

Personalized OneProSEO Tool

Our own SEO tool tailored to market needs simplifies keyword research. In-house programming means that new features are constantly being added.

Why should any online marketing strategy start with keyword research?

Keyword research is not only about optimizing organic traffic, but also has a far-reaching impact on several processes of your online marketing campaigns . Through research, you can target your audience much more effectively as you get to know the search intent of site visitors. In addition, you learn to better understand the needs of potential customers and can align your landing page with appropriate keywords accordingly.

Comprehensive keyword research not only provides the basis for SEO measures, but also for search engine advertising. If you generate organic traffic for a keyword, you can save on search engine advertising costs. The research makes it possible to check whether you use the same wording as your target group in your online marketing campaigns. This is the only way to optimize the landing page for the relevant keywords.

Also the calculation of (uplift) potentials of your website is only possible through keyword research. You can determine whether your campaigns are even communicated via the right content formats. If this is not the case, you can control the targeting of the content and pick up more users.

The determined keywords can also be used to align the page structure, because keyword research ensures search engine optimized URLs and a targeted navigation structure for organic users. Finally, keyword research pre-distributes the information to be communicated to the different areas of your website, thus providing structure.

As a supplement to the keyword research, an SEO site audit is offered, which analyzes, among other things, the organic page performance of the website. An OffPage SEO analysis ensures a clean backlink profile. With a Page Speed Analysis, the Core Web Vitals of the website are analyzed, and load time optimizations are sought.

With our Local SEO tool you can monitor the development of local keywords and increase your local visibility.

This is how we approach keyword research

We determine keywords on the basis of the subject areas of the company or website as well as on the basis of relevant market companions. This way, your keyword research is individually tailored to your company and your target group.

For keyword research, we at diva-e not only have the SEO tools known on the market at our disposal, but also our own all-in-one SEO tool "OneProSEO". Our tool is the result of many years of company experience and is constantly being further developed.

We identify and specify relevant keywords including monthly search volumes as well as related search intentions. The goal is to optimally target the landing page to your website visitors.

In a brainstorming process, the identified keywords are harmonized with the findings from your company's own facts.

The relevant keywords are sorted by semantic topic clusters to create the best possible content.

The clustered keywords are evaluated within their topic cluster as primary (main) keyword and secondary (secondary) keyword. The classification is based on search volume and / or relevance. This is the basis for SEO optimized content on your website.

For each keyword, the current ranking of your website and competitors is determined and documented. So no potential remains unconsidered!

By identifying keyword gaps, we determine keywords on your landing page that are not yet covered thematically. The gaps are determined by means of a competitive comparison and integrated into the keyword research.

The information architecture is checked on the basis of the keywords found and the keywords or topics not covered are compared again.

The keyword list is supplemented with relevant W-questions to simplify content creation. The basis is provided by the Google SERPs and tool-based research, among other things.

Toolbasiertes Arbeiten

For comprehensive keyword research, we use these SEO tools

For our keyword research we work with our enterprise SEO tool OneProSEO, which we developed specifically for such purposes. In addition, we use market-known tools such as Ryte, Sistrix, Ahrefs or Keywordtool.io and supplement the research with Termlabs and SEMRush.

More visibility

The knowledge gathered internally by diva-e SEO experts flows continuously into the further development of our enterprise SEO tool OneProSEO.

With its big data approach and the aggregation of a wide variety of data sources, OneProSEO enables precise planning and control of even extensive, sometimes multilingual SEO projects, which can also be viewed (and exported) directly by our customers in live view mode using custom dashboards.

Do you have any questions?

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