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Customer Data Platforms (CDP) for companies

With a CDP you address your customers at the right time, at the right place, with the right message - thanks to fully orchestrated data and a 360° view of your users.

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With a CDP you address your customers at the right time, at the right place, with the right message - thanks to fully orchestrated data and a 360° view of your users.

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If you want to be prepared for tomorrow’s business world today, your approach must be data-centric. If you don’t consolidate your data, you’re not using its full potential. At the moment, marketing is often based on incomplete or redundant data which, in the worst case, means users are approached with conflicting messages.

But it doesn’t have to be this way: diva-e can take your data to the next level with a Customer Data Platform. Orchestrate your decentralised data and generate comprehensive user profiles. The CDP integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure and, after implementation, provides you with a 360° view of your user base. Combined with your marketing tools, you can deliver personalised, relevant and more effective messaging – for the perfect user experience. Is a CDP right for you? And if so, which one? Find out in a free Discovery Workshop!

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"To really get to know the customer, CDPs are the way to go."

An avalanche of challenges: Customer-focused marketing with relevant content in real time

Two-thirds of companies are dissatisfied with the management of their customer data.

The reasons for this are, on the one hand, internal structures – isolated data storage in different systems (silos), a proliferation of processes, point-to-point "stand-alone” MarTech solutions as well as inadequate coordination between departments – which prevent relevant customer messaging.

On the other hand, the complexity and volume of customer engagement is increasing exponentially, which results in an exploding number of touchpoints and end-devices as well as active switching between the latter (“a cross-channel cross-device customer journey”).

And, as if these developments were not already challenging enough, consumers' expectations for an intuitive, seamless and, above all, digital customer experience have increased dramatically. Of course, always with relevant content and consistent advertising messages at any given stage in the buying decision or customer lifecycle process.

Because a consistent customer experience with appropriate recommendations and personalised messaging across all channels is a must for today’s consumer.

Data expertise

We are actively, and successfully, involved in the Data Business sector.

Tech expertise

We develop our own, customer-focused technology solutions.

Implementation expertise

diva-e has specialists for both standard as well as niche solutions.

CDP: The right tool for data-driven, personalised omnichannel marketing

A Customer Data Platform is built over your existing IT landscape and directly accesses data from all customer-relevant systems, platforms and applications via pre-defined connectors and "plug-and-play” API interfaces. It doesn’t matter if these take place on-line or off-line: Data from many sources, including your website, Apps, shop, ERP or CRM as well as analytic tools can be directly accessed via the CDP. What’s more, advertising and communication channels such as email, SEA, social, affiliate, SMS, Push, direct mail etc can be seamlessly included.

This data is harmonised by the CDP; validated, cleaned, uniformly formatted and deduplicated. This results in a Single Customer View with uniform profiles that are always updated in real time and, wherever possible, merged or resolved into identities ("Identity Resolution”).

Intelligent segmentation is often performed automatically and many CDP solutions offer predictive capabilities that anticipate your customers’ behaviour and desires as well as suggesting multi-level, cross-channel campaign scenarios.

Campaign activation and delivery is now carried out in the final step via the platforms, marketing automation and advertising channels connected to the CDP or orchestrated by means of the integrated marketing automation of a CDXP (Customer Data Experience Platform).

At diva-e, we find the right solution for you, because not every CDP is right for every requirement.

Choosing the right Customer Data Platform

No CDP is the same, and they can not only be categorised according to features but also vendor, versions and focus. In general, when it comes to functionality, we look at the three D’s : Data – Decision – Delivery. But what does this really mean for you?

Some vendors limit themselves to, or specialise in, the first part and the basic functionality of a CDP: “Data Management”. This includes integrating all customer data from each connected source. You should be aware that the CDP can only work successfully if all relevant systems are actually connected and interrogated there. Data harmonisation, profile standardisation as well as segmentation are performed before the resulting audiences are passed on to third-party systems for activation.

Many CDPs go a step further with “Decisioning” and offer extensive analysis functions and predictive campaign modelling. With this, the idea of a magic crystal ball with the power to predict the future moves a step further to marketing reality. Do you want to know which message promises the most success with customer xyz123? CDPs with "Decisioning” can predict this based on analysing past interactions and recognising behaviour patterns within the buying public. Other CDPs offer further functionality such as omnichannel definition and orchestration of tiered campaigns, including dynamic real-time response to user activity.

Lastly, some also offer the “Delivery” part; in other words, creating, delivering and fully evaluating these complex campaigns. In this instance, it is important to check the extent of the mapping offered by each vendor and whether this is a practical additional function, but insufficient for your own needs, or a dedicated, comprehensive marketing automation solution. Here too, we can give you advice based on your individual requirements and wishes.

CDP Provider: PurePlay vs Enterprise

PurePlay CDPs from vendors such as Exponea or Tealium are very open and flexible; they are perfect for company-specific special solutions and highly diversified system architectures featuring, among others, marketing, tracking, analytical applications from various vendors.

Enterprise CDPs from companies such as Adobe, Microsoft or SAP offer complete software universes compared to PurePlay vendors. It is considerably easier to switch on the Customer Data Platform of the respective provider if you are already use several modules of their software solutions, ensuring quick and uncomplicated “Plug & Play”.

We work with a wide range of leading vendors and can therefore advise you impartially to find to the right solution for you. The first step to success is a vendor-agnostic analysis phase in which we record your current framework conditions, use cases and objectives and evaluate a further course of action.

Our CDP partners

1. Adobe Experience Platform

Personalization at scale using unique technologies: Full integration in just one tool, the Adobe Experience Platform.

Adobe Experience Platform
2. Bloomreach

In order to drive the e-commerce business forward, EMV relies on diva-e as a holistic digital partner, responsible for branding, strategy, development and marketing.

3. Tealium

Take consistent and relevant action in real time: With the market-leading Tealium AudienceStream™ CDP.

4. Adverity

diva-e supports STAUFF in replatforming and building a user-friendly, open B2B Digital Platform.

5. Segment

diva-e supports the leading tool manufacturer in the implementation of a modern B2B e-commerce system.

  • 1. Adobe Experience Platform
  • 2. Bloomreach
  • 3. Tealium
  • 4. Adverity
  • 5. Segment

The analysis phase in detail

In the analysis phase, we focus on three areas:

  • IT architecture & existing use cases

  • New use cases & requirements

  • Solution evaluation & vendor selection

In recent years, we have continuously optimised this process and have successfully applied it to many projects.

CDP Grafik

IT architecture & existing use cases

CDP Grafik

As a starting point, a free Discovery Workshop will allow us to gain an overview of your existing applications and your organisation’s requirements for a CDP. Contact us for further information! Based on the Discovery Workshop, a more comprehensive evaluation will be conducted in which we explore and document all the details of your IT landscape. In this step, we also determine which stakeholders will be involved during implementation and which specialist departments must be specifically involved. During several workshops, we develop current use cases: How is customer data currently recorded, stored and processed, and used by specialist departments (stakeholders) for (which) marketing purposes?

CDP Grafik

New use cases & requirements

CDP Grafik

As soon as we have documented the current situation, we develop a plan to adjust it in order to meet your existing and future needs. At this point, we work with you in the “Use Case Workshops” to develop additional use cases or revise existing ones. In addition, we develop a uniform “System Architecture Map” and a “User Journey Map”. The former is based on the results of the current analysis and determines how the IT architecture must be optimised when implementing the CDP. The “User Journey Map” is important for identifying various touchpoints and associated tools, Apps, applications etc. that need to be connected to the CDP. Combined with the System Architecture Map, we have a complete overview of which use cases there are, if they need to be worked on and which requirements have to be further taken into account. Based on this, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is designed whose requirements pave the way for the next steps (Proof of Concept).

CDP Grafik

Solution evaluation & vendor selection

CDP Grafik

We work with leading CDP vendors – both PurePlay and Enterprise – to choose the most appropriate solution for you. Based on our plan (including use cases & requirements), we evaluate which Customer Data Platform is best suited to you, based on a specifically designed matrix. Factors such as the range and depth of functions, connections and interfaces, costs, implementation time, etc play an important role. After carrying out this “Requirement Mapping”, you will receive a short-list from us with a concrete recommendation. In a closing meeting, we explain our recommendation so that you have a sound basis for decision making. The analysis phase ends when a CDP solution has been identified and we then start with implementation.

Discovery Workshop


A free Discovery Workshop will allow us to gain an overview of your existing IT landscape and your organisation’s requirements for a CDP.

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