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Why do you need Offpage SEO in the first place?

Offpage SEO primarily refers to those SEO measures with which you generate trust on your website. This happens with search engines as well as with customers by making your website look representative for your subject area. For this purpose, the algorithms of Google and other search engines mainly take into account backlinks - i.e. links from other websites to your offer - as well as a few other external factors.

The external link profile is even one of the oldest ranking factors of Google. For a long time, the principle was very simple: If your content was frequently linked to externally, it had to be ranked accordingly better than content that nobody or only very few linked to. Cyber criminals took advantage of this and link spamming occurred. Nowadays, the search engine algorithm is still an important ranking factor when it comes to link building, but it has become much more precise. Google and Co. immediately recognize fraud approaches - for example, the purchase of external links or even link spamming measures.

The goal of all SEO offpage measures is to sustainably strengthen the Google ranking signals "Trust" and "Reputation" of your online presence. In the first step, a strategic and well thought-out link building delivers new traffic from well controllable target groups. But this is only the beginning: Triggered by sustainable positive user signals of the newly created traffic sources, Google evaluates your domain as more trustworthy as well as an authority of your subject area. Together with all other SEO as well as content factors, this leads to better rankings. This goes hand in hand with higher and sometimes even more qualified traffic. This way you will achieve better conversions as well as higher transactions.

What is included in an offpage SEO analysis and optimization?

First, we create a comprehensive backlink analysis for you. Here we identify and evaluate all incoming web links to your domain and identify initial optimization measures:

In a first step, we take a closer look at your backlink profile. We uncover links that can be harmful for your SEO ranking. These include, for example, links that were placed arbitrarily and without reference, links from spam attacks or from earlier link building measures that no longer meet Google's current requirements. We then perform a so-called link detox. In this process, a list of negatively evaluated backlinks is transferred to a disavow file and submitted to the Google Search Console of your domain via the disavow tool. From this point on, Google "knows" for the future that these incoming links are no longer to be considered valid for your domain.

In a broken link analysis, all 404 pages on your website are located and then analyzed for backlinks. Of particular interest and importance here are the 404 pages to which backlinks refer. These inbound links virtually end in nothing for the user. This is actually link power, which was already present in the past, but has now been lost due to the "broken" or disabled pages. In order to evaluate the potential of these links, we take a look at the quality of the incoming backlinks in this analysis and focus on links that are relevant to your topic and of value to you. All other incoming links that do not meet a defined value or are even harmful are also passed on to Google via disavow as part of the backlink profile optimization.

Basically, there are four different variants on how to deal with these broken links:

  • The 404 page is put back online.

  • The 404 page is put online again, but thematically revised.

  • The 404 page is redirected to a thematically appropriate page.

  • The webmaster of the linking page is contacted to ask him to replace the dead link with a URL that we consider suitable.

At the end of a broken link analysis, you will receive a detailed list of all the "death links" on your website and an explicit recommendation on how to deal with them. So you get an effective means to significantly increase the performance of your website.

In the off-page competition analysis, we take a look at your direct (search engine) competitors to find out about currently unused potential: We analyze all incoming links of your competitors and check whether they are also useful for your own offpage strategy.

Another off-page measure that often falls within the scope of PR (public relations) is content seeding. Here, we create high-quality content for you or use content you already have. Depending on the objective, we work primarily with awareness or consideration content (e.g. instructions, technical articles, introductions to new technologies), which refers back to your actual offer via a backlink at a suitable point in the text. These articles are then distributed via seeding platforms such as Outbrain, Plista and other content networks. They place the articles you provide in the form of advertorials on online media portals such as Spiegel Online, Manager Magazin or any other audience or trade media relevant to you.

We also add other multipliers such as influencers and bloggers who distribute your content, as well as your classic paid media channels such as SEA, display advertising, affiliate marketing and all other PPC channels.

Due to the enormously high target group fit, this form of digital PR offers, among other things, the possibility to place new offers or information quickly and reliably with desired target groups. At the same time, with content seeding you still have the option of using the same content on your own channels (such as website, social media, newsletter).

How do we proceed with the off-page SEO analysis?

After joint preparation and project kickoff together with you, we analyze your domain, subdomain or directories of your website defined by you and evaluate them according to predefined metrics. Usual is for example a look at domain rating, number of referring domains, backlink URL rating, naturally growing link profile and many other aspects.

The tools used for the off-page analysis are only used after direct consultation with our customers: either because certain accesses (such as to the Google Search Console) are necessary, or in order to avoid spidering your site during busy periods and thus possibly reducing the performance of your web servers at peak times. After the analysis and evaluation of the offpage SEO potentials, a grouping according to area and/or cause as well as an evaluation regarding the scope of individual offpage measures is carried out. In addition, we naturally also offer strategic consulting on content marketing campaigns - with a special focus on target group-specific content seeding.

What exactly does an offpage SEO analysis do for me?

We compile all the results of the offpage SEO analysis for you in an understandable and clear presentation of results. Together with you, we discuss the optimization potential we have identified and derive appropriate recommendations for action.

With an offpage analysis by diva-e, you benefit from our many years of experience, our extensive set of SEO tools and analysis procedures, as well as the strategic and prudent approach of our SEO offpage experts, who provide you with an individually tailored catalog of offpage SEO action recommendations and acceptance criteria.

Of course, we are extremely flexible in the implementation of these measures: If you lack the necessary know-how to fix offpage errors, you can of course rely on our in-house specialists to fix the problems. Alternatively (or additionally), we can also transfer the catalog of measures into Jira tickets. The process can then be carried out either entirely by your own resources or with the support of diva-e's SEO offpage professionals.

And so it goes on ...

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Expand your offpage SEO knowledge in our Offpage SEO Workshop. We will teach you the basics of link generation and explain what backlink profile cleanup entails. Of course we design the workshop individually according to your needs.

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