diva-e integrates SAP Commerce Software at MVV

Digital experts provide power in B2B sales

With around 6,000 employees and annual sales of around 4 billion euros, the MVV Group is one of the leading energy companies in Germany. The Mannheimer entrepreneurial group represents thereby the entire energy-economical creation of value chain. MVV's portfolio includes energy generation, energy trading and energy distribution via its own grids. The company is one of the pioneers of the energy transition and not only invests in renewable energies and in the future viability of the grids, but also sets standards in digital sales. diva-e ensured the integration of a commerce system into the SAP landscape and thus set the course for successful e-commerce.

Strengthened online sales
Reduction of process costs
Self-service for electricity customers
SAP commerce implementation

Online Services for Energy Customers

The MVV Group wanted more flexibility for B2B sales. Business customers should be able to conclude self-service electricity and gas contracts, purchase energy efficiency products and determine parameters such as purchase quantities themselves. This would make it possible to customize the product independently of the sales team, as well as to make purchases at the weekend or after work. Another requirement was to create and send online offers in collaboration with the customer. The aim was to set up a portal with contemporary usability and performance, in which customers can adjust parameters and have different offer variants created.


SAP Commerce for Sales

The overarching cooperation between many companies facilitated the rapid implementation of the objectives. The team of SAP employees (responsible for CRM, Marketing Cloud and C4C), Cronos employees (responsible for CPI and CRM) and MVV employees initially ensured that the software landscape was networked.

The initial implementation by the SAP team took place from March to December 2018 as a minimum viable product. diva-e took over at the beginning of 2019 and completed the MVP in terms of technology, user-friendliness and functionality to create the minimum marketable product. This was followed by the introduction of a sales area for the creation of offers by sales managers and the expansion of the online product portfolio for advice-intensive products such as energy funds.

In addition, landing pages were created to inform interested customers about savings potential and funding opportunities in areas such as heat efficiency and photovoltaics and to establish contact with sales managers on request (lead generation). diva-e supported the development of the sales channel with business consulting and product owner coaching and set up the appropriate digital strategy.

The digital experts developed the UX concept and also ensured the graphic implementation and constant optimization of usability. The integration of the SAP software (CPI and Marketing Cloud), which simultaneously integrated the external (business partner validation) and internal services (price calculation, load profile preparation), was a major focus. diva-e supported the processes with technical advice and created the necessary specifications for the implementation.


New portal with Commerce functions

The new self-service portal offers many advantages, such as

  • Offers and information can be checked intensively

  • Reduction of process costs through independence from sales staff and office staff

  • Collection of information on funding opportunities and potential savings

Of course, customers also have the option of contacting MVV employees directly if they require personal advice.

"diva-e took over the SAP Commerce Platform originally launched by SAP and further developed it by building a user-friendly B2B portal including linking and setting up the SAP Marketing Cloud. In addition to many technical solutions, the expansion of reach, visibility and sales was driven forward. We are very pleased with the results and, with the support of diva-e Consulting, have taken our B2B sales to a new level."
Ralf KlöpferMVV Energie AG | Chief Sales Officer

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