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Risk-free sales increases with affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, website operators, so-called affiliates or publishers, place advertising links to third parties (especially online shops). With over a decade of experience in affiliate marketing, we have a large network and industry contacts to the most important publishers, which you can use for your affiliate program.

Our affiliate experts have many years of experience in setting up and supporting affiliate programs. Our customer base includes industries such as fashion & lifestyle, travel, FMCG, energy and telecommunications. Through regular training and participation in industry events, we are always up-to-date. Benefit from our broad professional know-how.

In the basic model, affiliate marketing basically has two remuneration models: CPO and CPL/CPA, depending on the objective of the mediation activity. The remuneration is based on the principle of a commission fee.

CPO stands for "cost-per-order": the publisher receives a predetermined percentage of the buyer's shopping cart.

CPL/CPA stands for "cost-per-lead" or "cost -per-action". The remuneration is not for the completion of a purchase, but rather for the achievement of other previously agreed objectives, such as subscription to a newsletter, an inquiry via a contact form, the conclusion of a contract or registration. The publisher is paid a fixed amount per lead for his mediation activities.

The great advantage of affiliate marketing also lies in these remuneration models: Publishers receive commissions in the basic model exclusively on success and returns or a sum X for a lead. Since the remuneration is only paid in the event of success, affiliate marketing allows you to generate sales increases with a constant KUR (cost-turnover ratio) without risk. Affiliate marketing is therefore a highly scalable marketing channel.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

  • Risk-free: commissions are only paid out in case of success

  • Ideal for achieving the KUR goals through pre-determined fixed commissions

  • Increase in turnover

  • New customer acquisition

Our service: Optimal control of performance marketing

We would be happy to advise you and work with you to create a comprehensive strategy for the management of your performance marketing, also taking into account and integrating other online marketing channels.

We take over the complete set-up of your affiliate program for you. This is done in close coordination with you and your shop technology, as product data feeds have to be created and processed. Tracking is also provided and implemented. Through daily monitoring we supervise all affiliate activities so that we can react immediately to all eventualities. Of course, you will also receive comprehensive reports from us on all key figures relevant to you.

Our tools: different mix of publisher models

The range of possible cooperation partners in the affiliate is diverse: From bloggers, social media influencers and product data feed-based price comparison and shopping sites, the range of different cooperation partners extends to promotion sites and cashback portals and their communities (Shoop, Sparwelt, Miles&More) to display partners, retargeting publishers and providers of predictive targeting, i.e. the targeted addressing of new customers by finding statistical twins, through to onsite re-engagement solutions to minimise the rate of shopping basket cancellations.

Depending on the customer, we use a different mix of publisher models here, because as different as our customers are, as different are their target groups. That's why we rely on a cooperation strategy tailored to the individual case - to pick up your (new) customers where they are on the net and thus get the most out of them with the ideal reach for you.

Of course, we also offer you all these services bundled together as a full service package. We would also be happy to come to you and train you and your employees on all aspects of affiliate marketing.

Further services

Account audit

You already run an affiliate program, but it is not running as successfully as planned? Do you need fresh ideas to further expand your self-managed affiliate program? Or are you wondering whether you are paying too much for your affiliate program? We can help you to optimize and further expand your program. With our comprehensive account audit, you will find out exactly how your affiliate program is doing, which optimization possibilities are available and how you can get your costs under control.

Affiliate consulting/interim management

Do you need support in setting up an affiliate program or temporary support in your existing program due to resource bottlenecks? We would be happy to help you here.

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