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You want SEO texts that inspire your visitors and convince Google? No problem. Our content team knows the rules of the game and writes texts that rank at the top of Google for your topics.

What is an SEO text?

SEO texts, aren't they articles that are populated with "keywords" so that they rank on Google? Unfortunately, this is only a very small part of the truth! Our understanding of SEO content and the SEO optimization of texts contradicts mindlessly written articles that are stuffed with supposedly important keywords. Google has long been an arch-enemy of the old-fashioned "keyword stuffing", we readers and users have always been annoyed by it - and our editors and content consultants wouldn't even want to start a Macbook for such jobs.

High performance content - the supreme discipline of SEO texts

Google lists around 1.5 billion hits for the keyword "smartphone". Only the content offers on the first or perhaps second search result page (SERP) in the hit list are actually clicked on and used. The other countless good or bad pages leave the race for user favor at the end of the day without a single organic click.

But what do the top results of all search queries - regardless of the keyword - always have in common and what sets them apart from the masses? They comply with the rules for high performance content. High performance content is characterized by finding the perfect balance between Google expectations, user expectations and brand perception. The brand can play out its unique value proposition, the user finds the information he wants (and a few more), and the content is prepared flawlessly from an SEO and UX perspective.

High Performance Content based on the Iceberg Model

Just as an iceberg above the surface of the sea reveals only a fraction of its actual size, Google results pages present only a best-of selection of all pages matching a keyword query. Millions of guide articles, tutorials, blog or news articles end up at the back of the list and are never found organically. Our claim is always to create high-performance content that is rated by Google as particularly valuable on a topic and is rewarded with a top position in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Distributing keywords en masse according to the watering can principle no longer makes sense today, as Google can very well judge the quality of a text and takes it into account as a ranking factor.

As a professional SEO agency, we have the claim to create first-class content for you that meets all needs:

  • the information needs of your visitors

  • the ranking criteria of the search engine

  • the rules of your brand communication

One quality principle that we consistently implement is the "EAT" model from Google's Quality Rater Guidelines. The abbreviation stands for "Expertise", "Authority" and "Trustworthiness" and equally evaluates the seriousness and relevance of a website's content. Google measures these three factors, which are decisive for SEO rankings, conversions and the traffic (hits) of a page.

A high content level of the texts contributes to a better evaluation of these factors.

Writing SE-optimized texts - individual, user-oriented, target-oriented

When we write an SEO text, we have your target group in mind. With keywords that thematically classify the text for Google and make it valuable. With relevant questions that we answer for your visitors. In doing so, we put your brand and your unique selling proposition in the focus of our work. Just like the goals you want to achieve. We combine all these aspects - in an individual SEO text that fits your target group.

Analyze the search intention

Even before we put the first letter in a Word document, we start an SEO analysis via a variety of SEO text tools such as our in-house One Pro SEO toolsuite, which we use to very precisely determine the primary keyword and the corresponding secondary keywords. However, the primary keyword alone is far from enough. To best align a text, video, infographic, or content that combines multiple elements with actual user interest, we need to know the search intent behind a keyword.

Our professional tools such as the "Texter Briefing Tool" and the "One Unique Content Explorer" provide clear answers to open questions very quickly. After our SEO analysis, an extensive competitive analysis rounds off our picture. Is there an intention to buy ("do") behind the search or a need for information ("know")? Is the user looking for an address in his home town or would he like to jump directly to a section of his favorite online mail order company ("go")? We know the content rules for different keyword types and write texts that are completely tailored to the information needs of your visitors.

Why we always do a competitive analysis for you

Our claim to write first-class SEO texts necessarily includes a comparison with the competition. For example, what topics do direct competitors cover when they design a page for a particular search term? How and in what way do they handle a topic? The upstream competitive analysis is an elementary part of our workflow when writing SEO texts. We do this data-driven, for example via WDF*IDF analyses - but also with the trained eye of experienced editors.

Keywords are road signs for Google

It's clear: No SEO text without keywords! When determining keywords, we rely on years of expert knowledge - and a range of professional tools such as our in-house tool suite "OneProSEO". Our goal: The creation of an individual keyword set that takes into account the semantic environment in addition to relevant main and secondary keywords.

"You won't even notice that a good SEO text has been optimized for Google."

SEO analysis and text creation go hand in hand for us. With the optimal keyword set, the foundation is laid - the second step is to write the SEO text.

Writing SEO texts: Size does(n't) matter

We are often asked how long a good SEO text should be? We don't have a universal answer to that. The perfect number of characters for a text simply does not exist - just as little as a generally valid example SEO text. The amount of SE-optimized content depends on the respective search intent, the thematic focus and, last but not least, the chosen content type.

Rule of thumb: The more a topic requires explanation, the more questions users have about it. This can also be proven by the W-questions that Google displays when a search term is entered. Of course, not only a classic guide should address these questions and answer them competently.

For store and product texts, on the other hand, the following often applies: brevity is the key! Here, users primarily want to secure and initiate their purchase. A suitable text must therefore only communicate the most important advantages of the brand and features of the item. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to first collect the most important arguments for a purchase decision in a short teaser!

SEO texts 2.0: from the "compulsory program" to the "freestyle".

At diva-e, we put our heart and soul into every SEO text, regardless of whether it's about baby clothes or retirement provisions. For years, we have been delivering successful content concepts and high-ranking SEO texts in the areas of tourism, retail, banking and insurance, automobiles, and nutrition & indulgence.

We understand the user and not only accommodate the relevant keywords, but also design the text so that your target group likes to interact with the page. Because this also brings positive user signals for a better ranking in Google. It goes without saying that we pay attention to the appropriate tone of voice in every aspect of our work - and always consider the tonality of a brand. Because every brand is unique. And this uniqueness flows into the high quality of our SEO texts.

Do you have any questions about SEO texts or our way of working?

We look forward to your feedback or your order. Or ask us for more information about SEO text writing and high performance content. Our pencils are sharpened.

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