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Your Key to First-Class Customer Experiences

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Your Key to First-Class Customer Experiences

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Optimizing Data Usage

The Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) enables the integration of diverse data sources and the transformation of this data to create real-time customer profiles, usable across all company channels. The fully integrated AEP, with its various applications and services, is versatile for activation, orchestration, and analysis of customer data. From Data Pipelines & Governance to AI/Machine-Learning solutions, we support you in every phase of your Adobe Experience Platform implementation.

Adobe and diva-e: Strong Partners

So far, few companies have actively used the Adobe Experience Platform, and experts with experience in the platform are rare. As the world's first specialized partner of the RT-CDP solution, diva-e has been up-to-date with all developments around the AEP from the start. Our experts have delved deeply into the platform's technology, earned various certifications, and are familiar with other Customer Data Platforms.

What are the Advantages of the Adobe Experience Platform?

The Adobe Experience Platform consolidates all data management, analysis, and activation processes in one tool. Its core, a Data Lake, allows the storage and processing of raw data from various sources.

Our Services in the Context of AEP Include:

Numerous streaming connectors and a flexible API for smooth integration of various data sources, data standardization according to the Experience Data Model (XDM), and data structure and security assurance through integrated Data-Governance Labeling solution.

Creation of comprehensive real-time customer profiles through data matching across IDs and defining marketing segments.

Predict customer behavior using Adobe Sensei and create custom data models in the Data Science Workspace.

Native integration into the Adobe Experience Cloud, various streaming connectors for Data-Activation, and API-based integration of third-party tools.

Personalized experiences can be delivered within connected applications.

Solutions of the Adobe Experience Platform

The AEP provides various applications to efficiently and specifically activate your data, which can be combined according to company needs:

Adobe Real-Time CDP: Activate profiles from the AEP across various target channels. The Real-Time CDP offers numerous standard connectors and supports data privacy and customer needs.

Real-Time Customer Data Platform B2B Edition: Designed specifically for B2B requirements, this version allows targeting audiences across various channels, supported by a tailored Experience Data Model.

Customer Journey Analytics: Adobe's solution for comprehensive customer analysis offers a 360° view of customer interactions and utilizes AI to uncover new trends.

Adobe Journey Optimizer: Create personalized customer experiences and activate them along the Customer Journey, backed by real-time insights and AI workflows.

Our Expert Team for the AEP

As an experienced Adobe partner, diva-e offers comprehensive knowledge and experience around the AEP. Our experts have extensively engaged with the technology, earned numerous certifications, and are well-equipped with the AEP product documentation and our own AEP sandbox.

Trust diva-e and our award-winning Adobe team for tailored solutions and consulting around the Adobe Experience Platform.

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