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As a digitalisation partner, diva-e wants to offer you the total experience - in the long term. This means that it is important to us to ensure a sustainable ROI for your DXP platform even after the project has been completed. We take a comprehensive approach to total experience management and consider all relevant sub-areas:

  • Customer Experience (CX)

  • User experience (UX)

  • Employee Experience (EX)

  • Multi-Experience (MX)

To achieve this, we work with you to define your target operating model (TOM), which is tailored to the skills of your employees and internal processes in your organisation. We not only determine the existing set-up, but also evaluate your exact training requirements and knowledge that you need for the ownership of your solution.

Consulting, eLearning und Coaching

To ensure a comprehensive total experience, we not only support your transformation project with our expertise - our mission is to pass this knowledge on to your organisation. We develop your customised Learning Consulting. Our service portfolio covers three areas:

Interesting for: Specialist departments, marketing, product management and others

Interesting for: Solution architects, developers, cloud engineers and other employees in the tech and IT sector

  • Agile Project Management

  • Scrum

  • Product Ownership Training

  • Agile Coaching

  • Total (user) experience

  • Customised processes and structures

Interesting for: Programme and project management, product owners, user experience designers and other employees in product development

Training concept

With our packages for optimising your employee experience and business intelligence, we offer a holistic approach that includes a combination of consulting services and customised training to optimally prepare your company for using your digital solutions. Our diva-e eLearning Solution offers various options that optimally prepare your employees for the operation and future developments of your solution.

Learning Experience Consulting & Audit

Learning Experience Consulting & Audit

We advise you on the creation of customised training plans for your employees to achieve the desired learning objectives and use the expertise gained profitably. In this way, we ensure that all internal requirements are met to ensure the ROI of your DXP platform.

Platform with customised eLearning content

We create customised and practical learning units tailored to your company, which are available to your employees on our learning platform for self-study anytime and anywhere. The learning sessions take place in small groups to ensure rapid learning success.

Live learning and training with our experts

You receive insights and expertise through live training sessions in small groups. This can be combined with our eLearning platform to create a blended learning approach.

Our experts are on hand to provide your employees with first-hand information and best practices. These sessions take place in small groups to ensure quick learning success.

Project-based learning and individual coaching

We offer a personalised coaching approach for your employees to make the transition from implementation to operation as easy as possible.

Those responsible in your company will be accompanied by our coaches during their first steps and given individual support so that the knowledge gained can be applied independently and confidently in practice.

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