Jumbo e-commerce grows with diva-e and Spryker


Scalable online store for DIY chain JUMBO

Since 1982, the JUMBO DIY store has been offering DIY enthusiasts, hobby gardeners, and creative people a wide range of do-it-yourself products. In the meantime, JUMBO is available to customers locally with 40 stores and is digitally present 24/7 with its online store. JUMBO is growing and is now the third-largest DIY chain in Switzerland. Business is also flourishing online, so the Jumbo.ch store required further development. In order to be able to scale flexibly and quickly, JUMBO commissioned diva-e as its new lead agency. The digital experts quickly put together a team dedicated to the topics of e-commerce system, UX conception, CMS maintenance, testing as well as backend and frontend.


Ensure scalability for store system with Spryker

JUMBO recorded steady sales growth in its online store www.jumbo.ch. To guarantee customers that digital shopping is an experience at all times, the store system had to be redesigned. Not only the continuous stability of the store and the environment was required, but also scalability and flexibility. By moving from an on-premise solution to the cloud, as well as the building blocks of SEO consulting, OPS, content, UX, the home improvement chain expected a further increase in sales.


Smooth transfer of the online store

As an official Spryker Platinum Partner, diva-e is always up to date on the developments of the e-commerce specialist and has many years of experience in implementing the modular and flexible system. After taking over the online store from JUMBO and after the official handover, the digital experts used this expertise to completely eliminate failures in live operations and make the e-commerce fit for revenue growth. In digital workshops, diva-e secured all the important information and also ensured that no knowledge was lost during the transfer. At the same time, diva-e managed to establish a real team feeling remotely during this stabilization phase.

The integration into JUMBO's existing Scrum framework was seamless, so that diva-e's Spryker experts could start directly with the support and further development of the Jumbo.ch store. The agile way of working made it possible to react quickly and flexibly to the customer's business requirements.

The next step was to switch from the "single instance" on-premise solution to a high-availability solution in the MS Azure cloud. Together with the customer, diva-e migrated the entire environment to an Azure cloud, in which the open source system Kubernetes was used as the technology for Docker container orchestration. At the end of the project, the switch from onPrem to the Azure cloud was implemented with a nightly downtime of only 6 hours.


Optimization of the online store

Within a short period of time, the diva-e team implemented the improvements in the JUMBO online store. The optimization of the search engine Factfinder quickly resulted in high cost savings. The redesign and integration of the CDP tool Exponea also made a significant impact.

In addition to the further development of the store, diva-e now takes over the monitoring of the systems including a 24/7 service level agreement. Furthermore, the digital experts provide support in the content area and have already been able to identify significant potential for improving the store through a comprehensive SEO audit.

"Of course, diva-e's Spryker expertise impressed us at the beginning, but after the initial discussions we realized that the digital experts had much more to offer. diva-e provided us with important building blocks for the expansion of our e-commerce activities with UX and SEO consulting as well as support in the front and back end."
Marco KnechtHead of Platform and Development Jumbo / Coop B+H.

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