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Kindernothilfe & diva-e: strong partners in action for children in need

Kindernothilfe works worldwide with various partner organizations whose teams oversee the projects on site. Project progress reports (PFB) are prepared once a year for the sponsors and sent by mail, providing an overview of the developments, challenges and future steps of the projects. The reports aim to provide transparency about the use of the donations and their impact. Since 2021, diva-e's content team has been providing editorial support to Kindernothilfe in the preparation of the project progress reports.

One of the special challenges of this project was the complexity of the input for the preparation of the project progress reports: Kindernothilfe delivered the 20- to 60-page reports of the local partner organizations to diva-e in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. In a first step, these had to be translated and then edited. Another challenging core aspect of the editorial work: the use of gender-appropriate, but above all sensitive language. The terminology must be appropriate for the protection of children and thus neither stigmatize those affected nor trivialize (sexualized) violence.

Tanja Dröge (Editorial Lead): "It is really nice that we are able to support Kindernothilfe and thus contribute a small part to the important work on children's rights. We faced some challenges with this project, especially at the beginning. Especially the sensitive language is something we first had to develop a feeling for. In the meantime, we have built up a strong editorial team. The authors and editors are passionate about their work and enjoy this effective project. Our contact person is satisfied: "In the meantime, we have increased the monthly number of texts and are in the processing phase, so to speak."

Quality assurance of the entire layout and content
Create transparency and strengthen relationships
Multilingualism and genuine added value play a major role
Respectful handling of sensitive issues

Creating transparency

Kindernothilfe's concrete project goal is to disclose the use and impact of donations and to continue to strengthen the relationship with supporters. In this context, the project progress reports (PFB), which were prepared in cooperation with diva-e in 2021, are an important binding element in sponsorship communication. In addition to the appealing, uniform and comprehensible preparation of the PFBs, their qualitative further development was also intended.


Layout and content by diva-e

In addition to translating and editing the delivered reports according to Kindernothilfe's wishes, diva-e's content team also develops and implements the layout for the project progress reports. The PFBs are delivered in the desired layout format as a printable file. Regular quality control according to the 6-eyes principle is firmly anchored in the workflow. In this way, diva-e ensures consistently high editorial and design quality.


Strong emotions and real added value

So far, 230 project progress reports including layouts have already been produced in close cooperation with Kindernothilfe. The supplied, multilingual and comprehensive annual reports of the partner organizations were developed with respectful presentation of sensitive topics in mind. They take Kindernothilfe's supporters on a "journey," so to speak, to the project areas with generated images, strong emotions, and real added value, and support Kindernothilfe's work by addressing the target groups in a precisely fitting manner.

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It is important for us to respond to the individual wishes and quality requirements of our customers. Regular evaluation and close exchange with our contact at Kindernothilfe help us not to lose sight of our common goals. This enables us to deliver project progress reports on time at a consistent level of quality.
Susanne Trostdiva-e | Project Lead

CSR at diva-e: Thinking socially - for a better future

We are proud of the joint project with Kindernothilfe and what has already been achieved here. And in the future, too, we look forward to working with customers who, like Kindernothilfe, have made it their mission to help others. Assuming social responsibility is also important to us as a company. For 2021, we have therefore put the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the top of the agenda at diva-e, founded the diva-e Social Team and firmly anchored social commitment in our corporate vision as well. You can find more information here.