Volkswagen Financial Services AG

Safely replace AEM legacy systems

Gaining room to maneuver through decommissioning

Volkswagen Financial Services AG, the Volkswagen Group's financial services provider, is using pro!vision - a subsidiary of diva-e - to take a firm grip on the risks involved in decommissioning its old Internet and intranet sites. The legacy Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) environment not only tied up resources and drove up costs, it also slowed down future viability. The legacy systems can no longer cope with the new requirements for digital business processes and models. diva-e is taking over maintenance of the legacy systems and supporting Volkswagen Financial Services' operations until the new Internet and intranet presences have been set up and the move to the new AEM platform has been completed. Step by step, the existing AEM landscape of 30 servers will be dismantled and switched off.


Save on old systems

The goal is to permanently reduce IT costs, reduce the complexity of the AEM environment and ensure a smooth transition from the old to the new AEM environment. This includes the controlled dismantling of 30 servers and the trouble-free operation of the legacy systems until they are decommissioned.


Accompany the transformation

With a replacement strategy, a step-by-step plan and a systematic approach, diva-e experts help to dismantle and ultimately shut down legacy systems. They support the transformation process not only technically, but also organizationally. While adhering to internal processes, they coordinate with the organizational units involved, such as the various departments, server operations and the internal cost allocation center, which invoices the departments for the use of the Internet and intranet sites.

When it comes to maintaining and operating the legacy systems, Volkswagen Financial Services can draw on the in-depth technical AEM know-how and many years of project experience of diva-e staff. Reverse engineering makes it possible to maintain the externally developed and historically grown AEM applications. Code changes are still made in order to be able to import security-relevant updates. Changes are provided by diva-e and adopted by the Application Management Service (AMS) of Volkswagen Financial Services. The availability of the legacy systems is constantly checked. This makes it possible to continue operating the legacy systems safely until they are finally decommissioned.


A new cost-effective system

The forced switch to the new AEM platform enables a facelift of the Internet and intranet presences to match the new corporate identity of Volkswagen Financial Services. The shutdown of the legacy AEM systems permanently reduces operating and maintenance costs. The proliferation and complexity of the legacy AEM systems can be massively reduced. Operational risks and the implementation and follow-up costs in operation are reduced. Instead of spending IT budget on day-to-day business and the continued operation of outdated systems, the scope for investment is increased.