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Optimisation of data-driven marketing and sales with "Adobe Audience Manager"

Development of an Adobe Data Management Platform

diva-e experts worked with Sky Deutschland to develop use-cases for further implementation of the company’s data-driven digital marketing, CRM and sales activity, on the basis of an actual / target analysis that took all relevant data streams and all involved stakeholders into consideration. Economic advantage on both the sales side, for example through additional subscribers or higher cross-selling rates, as well as on the cost side, for example through an increase in media investments, could be substantiated by means of detailed business case calculations and a prioritisation of individual use-cases could be achieved. An integrated and enriched customer view based on both internal and external data sources was recommended. This increases the effectiveness of marketing, sales and CRM measures, by focusing on the target group via relevant content or personalised offers, and it improves the selection of channels, for example the touchpoints of the Sky website, Sky apps, Sky display advertising, Sky email marketing, etc.

In addition, the diva-e consulting team was able to derive additional targeted activities that increase marketing and sales efficiency. Improving customer intelligence, customer segmentation / clustering and predictive analytics were also relevant milestones.

The jointly developed roadmap prepared for two phases of implementation. The short-term introduction of the cloud-based solution to an on-premise solution was coordinated via a specially designed PMO (Project Management Office).

The function of the PMO, in connection with individual technical and IT departments as well as the software provider, was to introduce the software on time and within budget and in accordance with data protection law.

Based on the project, Sky Deutschland is now in a position to:

  • Make the processing of data management more efficient

  • Enrich the customer viewpoint by using relevant data (sources) for specific activities (for example, segmentation and personalisation of content based on CRM and behavioural data from different online and offline points of contact (touchpoints) etc.)

  • Identify prospects and customers across devices

  • Optimise campaigns across all contact points

  • Allow real-time execution of personalisation activities on all contact points

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Frank Rauchfuß
Managing Director Consulting & Data