B2B Manufacturing Accelerator - Technical Support for a Fast GoLive

B2B is much more than just displaying net prices. In addition to the implementation of an inspiring user experience, it is above all about dealing with complexities on different levels:

  • Assortments with configurable materials and services

  • Price structures and dynamic pricing

  • Customer structures with different roles and rights

  • Purchasing processes with workflows and approvals

  • Logistics from availability and delivery times to partial orders and shipping from different warehouses

  • Connection of various third party systems up to purchasing systems of the customers

Our B2B Manufacturing Accelerator is specifically designed to address the unique challenges projects in this industry face.

Through configuration and modularization, we set new standards in the implementation of international manufacturing projects. Our goal is to make your B2B Manufacturing projects run smoother and with less risk, so you can focus on your core competencies.

The Accelerator in detail

The Accelerator bundles various systemic solutions common in B2B manufacturing. This is complemented by a modern front end that is adapted to the requirements of the personas and processes in their industry. Functionalities such as complex product displays, accessory searches or even Build2Order processes are mapped out-of-the-box in a user-friendly way.

In addition, we offer deep integrations with various third-party tools, configurators and order functions to ensure that the solution fits seamlessly into your existing IT landscape. The implementation of complex pricing and discounting logic, as well as the delivery of comprehensive data sheets, including user manuals and installation guides, are also possible with our Accelerator.

In addition, the integrated TXP Integration Hub supports the smooth and error-free exchange of data between ERP, CRM and PIM and the desired playout channels, such as store, marketplaces, EDI, OCI, etc. It is possible to perform queries on availability and prices in real time - single sign-on included.

This minimizes hurdles in the cross-application use of your brand website, online store and various company apps.

Since both the market requirements and the system landscape differ from customer to customer, the solution is always customized to the necessary processes in the web store and SAP backend.

Benefit from the following advantages and revolutionize your business: