12 Jun 2024

TISAX® Assessment for diva-e

We are pleased to announce that in March 2024, diva-e achieved TISAX® Level 2 for high protection and Maturity Level 3 for processes and documentation.

With this assessment, we ensure that we comply with the highest information security standards and can efficiently collaborate with major players, especially in the automotive sector.

TISAX is an information security standard developed specifically for the automotive industry, based on ISO 27001. The TISAX® assessment covers all processes, procedures, and resources under the organization's responsibility that are important for project security.

Security is highly relevant in the automotive industry, from the production process to the finished vehicle. Digitalization and networking in the automotive industry have brought IT security into sharp focus. Cyberattacks on suppliers and manufacturers can cause production downtime, supply chain disruptions, reputational damage, and significant revenue loss.

We know it is crucial to stay ahead in cybersecurity, use secure and up-to-date technologies, and identify and address potential vulnerabilities early. To ensure this in all customer projects, diva-e always works with the TISAX® standard and takes extensive measures to protect confidential information, following the information security questionnaire of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA ISA).

We are proud of the TISAX® assessment and look forward to more exciting automotive projects. A big thank you to our colleagues, customers, and partners, with whom we have successfully and securely implemented many projects.

If you want to learn more about the current status quo of the automotive industry, download our free blueprint on the challenges of digitalization for the automotive industry.