Introducing our TXP stars: Martin, Software Development Consultant, CC Adobe

Mobile working is no problem at diva-e. We say it again and again - and Stefan is proof that it is. Initially joining us at the Stuttgart location, Stefan has since moved to Erlangen and now travels to the Munich location from time to time as needed. In the article, he gives you more insights into his life as a software developer at diva-e.

Introducing our TXP stars: Martin, Software Development Consultant, CC Adobe

This is me, and this is my career path so far:

I have now been with diva-e since 2019 and am currently working as a software developer at diva-e. Before diva-e, I studied at the University of Bamberg and did my PhD at the Chair of Media Informatics. Since pursuing a career as a professor was not something I wanted to do and working in an academic environment was a bit too uncertain for me, I decided to pursue my career in the private sector for the time being - and that's how I came to diva-e.

That's why I specialized in Adobe and joined the Adobe Competence Center:

For me, prospects play an essential role in my decisions. I want to lay the foundation for a secure future now. That's how I came up with the idea of studying business informatics at that time. I wasn't a classic computer nerd who programmed websites back in my school days - although I did, of course, enjoy sitting at a PC. I was mainly convinced by the fact that you have promising career opportunities in IT. That's why I decided to focus on Adobe at the moment because I think the prospects in the entire customer experience sector are excellent. Adobe is a leader in this field - and pretty much everyone needs a CMS like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 😉 .

On a side note, I also enjoy working with the AEM. It's a complex product, but the excellent six-day in-house training we offer makes it very easy to get to grips with the subject, even if, like me, you haven't had much contact with CMS development before. There are also opportunities for further training, for example through the adaptTo conference that we organize. So this is the optimal path for me.

My workdays include the following tasks:

Currently, I am working on a project for a global technology company. The focus here is on moving AEM to the cloud and upgrading to a new version. In this project, I am developing AEM components, doing general configuration tasks and code reviews for the code of my colleagues. I also help the customer with the design and give feedback on whether the requirements are technically feasible.

Colleagues should know this about me:

I'm quite an affable person, and you have to work very hard to lose it with me 😉 .

I'm particularly proud of that in my career so far:

In general, I am, of course, very proud of my doctorate. It was a long road, and I am thrilled to have completed my doctorate.

I particularly appreciate that about diva-e as an employer:

I appreciate that mobile working exists here in the company and that it is also really recognized and lived. Whether in or out of the office, all the processes are designed so that you are always part of the team and things don't just pass you by because you weren't on site. Of course, there are always appointments where you have to go into the office from time to time. But that's not a problem for me, and I'm always happy to see my colleagues "live" again - and now and then, you still want to get out a little 😉 .

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