2 Nov 2023

diva-e once again among the DXS market leaders in the Lünendonk® Portfolio 2023

Digital service provider diva-e holds its own in the leading group in the market for digital experience services in Germany and demonstrably increases visibility and perception in the market.

Digital service provider diva-e, one of the largest in the industry with around 900 employees, is once again in the top league of market leaders in the latest Lünendonk survey this year. In terms of competition, the Munich-based company with ten locations is moving even closer to the top companies in the industry such as Deloitte, Accenture and PwC. In the field of digital commerce in particular, diva-e is one of the most important service providers for holistic digital experience services (DXS). The Lünendonk Study 2023 takes a close look at the German digital market and its players and reveals interesting trends. The study looks at 28 leading digital service companies that meet the criteria for a provider of digital experience services. Lünendonk defines "digital experience services" as the combination of different disciplines, competencies and skills required for the development and implementation of customer-centric strategies and the creation of digital experience along the entire value chain.

It is clear that the areas of technology and consulting in particular are growing in importance, an experience that diva-e also confirms: "In future, technology must be measured by whether it contributes to an optimal customer experience, as this will become the decisive differentiating factor for companies," emphasizes CCO Sirko Schneppe. "The end-to-end approach with which we implement the majority of our customer projects offers holistic solutions to make companies successful in digital competition." The focus is particularly on efficiency in the development and operation of digital experience platforms as well as on providing customers with appropriate advice.

"DXS is therefore one of the biggest competitive factors for our customers. The technology used must be designed in such a way that it 'takes people along' and offers them digital brand experiences along the entire value chain." The Lünendonk result also confirms that diva-e is well positioned in the industry: in the sub-ranking of the leading DXS specialists in Germany, the Munich-based digital service provider is firmly anchored in the top 10.

"The statements from the competitive environment are also interesting for us," Schneppe concludes. "27% of the companies surveyed rated diva-e as a serious competitor - last year it was only 22%. This shows us that we are on a forward-looking path with our portfolio and our business model and are increasingly perceived as one of the major players in the industry."

The methodology:

Lünendonk analyzed 28 leading digital agencies as well as IT and management consultancies. In addition to examining and analyzing the provider market, 148 user companies from the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) were also surveyed. The user companies surveyed represent a broad cross-section of industries: Industry & Automotive, Finance, Retail and FMCG are industry focal points. (Source: www.luenendonk.de)