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diva-e and Adobe: combined digital marketing power on a broad front

Our Adobe expertise in Germany

diva-e has more than 17 years of experience in projects with Adobe solutions. With 100 experts, diva-e is a powerful team that offers a full service approach to design, realize and operate your digital projects based on Adobe solutions for you. These experts are located exclusively in Germany and speak German and English fluently throughout - therefore there is no near- or offshoring. Since mid 2020, diva-e has achieved Gold Solution Partner status due to its numerous Adobe specialists.

Our special focus is on the following products within the Adobe Experience Cloud:

  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) including AEM assets

  • Adobe Analytics

  • Adobe Target

  • Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento)

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2nd Place

EMEA 2019 Adobe Experience Awards, Case: Adobe Target for e.on

diva-e does product development for Adobe

dive-e develops AEM product enhancements for AEM end customers on behalf of Adobe Custom Engineering. Many of these enhancements are delivered with the subsequent release in the standard system. They are provided in advance as feature packs for customers who place orders (backporting).

AEM customers often have specific requirements for product enhancements that may not yet be on the AEM Roadmap, or may only be on the Roadmap for a later AEM release. In such cases, the customer has the option of ordering feature packs directly from Adobe Custom Engineering. These product enhancements are then implemented for the next product version (currently 6.3); a so-called "backport" is then performed for the ordering customer for the version that the customer is currently using productively (usually > 6.0). For the implementation of these feature packs Adobe falls back on pro!vision. This means that pro!vision is part of the AEM product development team of Adobe Engineering.

Thus, diva-e has implemented numerous relevant enhancements to the AEM product in the past years, especially in the area of assets. Examples are the integration of AEM and Adobe Stock or the implementation of the Multisite Manager for AEM Assets. But also in other areas of the product like the integration with Adobe Target or massive performance and stability improvements in the data management of the product the experts of diva-e have been involved in the recent past.

diva-e actively develops Open Source projects of the Apache Software Foundation for AEM with

AEM is largely based on Open Source projects of the Apache Software Foundation: As a committer in Apache Felix and Apache Sling and as a PMC in the Apache Sling project, diva-e is an active part of it with pro!vision. In addition, the open source platform was initiated by the diva-e company pro!vision. closes functional gaps in AEM, for example for multi-client solutions and large scale AEM projects. The community is growing steadily.

diva-e shares Adobe know-how: Worldwide only AEM developer conference & academy training

With pro!vision, the latest addition to the diva-e family, diva-e is the owner and host of the largest and currently only developer conference for AEM and Apache Sling in Europe since 2011, the "adaptTo()". About 300 participants from Europe and the world attended the last event.

The diva-e company pro!vision also trains AEM experts in a short time at the "Academy" with a specially developed AEM training program. At the end of more than 50 individual trainings with mentoring as well as code reviews the AEM certifications developer or consultant are achieved.

Our services around the Adobe Experience Cloud

The approach of diva-e is despite deep technical and professional expertise in the individual products: Full Service! We support you end-to-end in your digital marketing project.

Starting with strategy consulting, graphic and technical implementation and successful go-live, up to application operation and beyond that in ongoing maintenance, support and optimization. Our drive is always the fulfillment of your goals.

The services of diva-e in Adobe projects at a glance

We have established defined interfaces and transfer points between the individual value-added steps to ensure that the individual results combine to form a rounded overall result and that no frictional losses reduce the success of the project.

17 years of experience in a wide range of industries and projects

Since 2003 diva-e has been working with Adobe's digital marketing products and has been an important partner for many years.

Projects include global brand presences, highly personalized intranets, integration and implementation of complex business applications such as vehicle configurators, dealer searches, insurance calculators and job exchanges.

In the course of the long lasting involvement with the Adobe Experience Cloud (and its predecessor products) diva-e has worked for a large number of national and international customers from a wide range of industries and has implemented all kinds of projects.

  • Automotive: Volkswagen, Audi, Daimler, Bentley

  • Finance, FSI: DVAG, Deutsche Bank, ERGO

  • Manufacturing: Zeiss, MTU

  • Aviation: Lufthansa, Faport

  • Energy: E.ON